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Palatine, Illinois, USA

by Anil Saigal

Himalayan Yoga & Meditation Center
109 W Slade St, Palatine, IL 60067

Our center was inaugurated by Swami Veda in September 2005.  We offer hatha yoga, meditation classes, and YA registered 200 Hr and 300 Hr teacher training programs.  We have 10 teachers who are actively teaching yoga and meditation classes.  Our TTP programs offer both local and traveling teachers from within our tradition.  We offer teachings of the Himalayan Tradition with the grace of Swami Rama and Swami Veda, and with spiritual guidance from Swami Ritavan.  Our mission is to alleviate human suffering and to help individuals achieve their potential with teaching of yoga and meditation within our community.

We currently have 8 students enrolled in the 200 Hr TTP, and 9 students in the 300 Hr TTP.  Many of our TTP graduates are teaching at our center.  Our policy is to pay 50% of the proceeds from the classes and workshops to the teachers.  Several of our teachers are long term initiates within Himalayan Tradition and choose to not receive any of the proceeds.

We hold an annual weekend retreat sponsored by our teachers’ association during late summer/early fall.  Last year’s retreat featured Dr. Mark Dyczkowski and Swami Ritavan.  This year’s retreat has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have an active scriptural study group which is nearing completion of the Yoga Sutras.  During the pandemic lock down in our state, we have been sharing Swami Rama’s audio recordings to re-introduce his voice and message to Chicago Sangha.

The center holds two to three workshops each month with both local and traveling teachers featured with topics about yoga philosophy, practices, and personal growth.   We are blessed to have many of our traveling teachers located in the nearby city of Minneapolis.

In observance of the social distancing and lock-down in our state, we are currently closed.  We are however, offering free yoga and meditation classes via Zoom as a service to our community in this challenging time of pandemic. We expect to be starting in-class instruction by mid-July.

With the introduction of remote Yoga and Meditation instruction via Zoom (in which we have Non-Profit membership), we plan to expand our teaching of yoga and meditation to remote participants via a Zoom connection as we start classes at the center.

Center Officers:

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