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Milan, Italy

by Daniele Belloni and Susi Stefanini

Strange (and Blessed) Days in Milan

Strange days we are living in these pandemic times as yoga teachers - mixed feelings of threat, danger and discovery. Somehow lost in the pessimistic arena of bad news, and still the rise of hope taking care of all the wounds. And although you deliver your classes through Zoom and the magnificence of the technology is there - reaching you from some remote place nowhere in the digital sphere - you always feel some strange ancient connection that links your body to the body of knowledge of those who are the presiding forces of the higher truth. The experience of being in the tornado-pandemic as in the midst of a prayer celebrating the Grace which places you in the field of Love, Serve, Remember. Surrounded again and again by the eternal mantra whispered by the victorious ones: Love, Serve, Remember. (Daniele)

As a teacher you always enjoy the presence of students, touching them in a gentle way to help their bodies and minds to become the asana they are performing. But how is this possible  in a remote way?  We are always been told that we are interconnected, that we belong to the same field of energy, like ripples of the same ocean. This period really was the lab to experience this truth. I never imagined feeling  the group’s energy so strongly. Everyone was at home, but at the same time we were together. I was sure that our intention was identical, and that our sankalpa resonated in our hearts with much more power than ever. Another touching experience was entering the home of people, sharing the intimacy of the place they choose for their practice and also smiling together when a pet was very determined to attend the class! Perla, a nice parrot, favored the meditation class, Shiva, an old black cat, enjoyed yoga-nidra very much, not to mention Chantal, a female dog who always had her cookie before the class to promote her sleep on the sofa. So now we know each other even better, because we shared moments of great intensity, like the prayer of peace at the end of the class, a chant for everyone and especially for the suffering ones. Om shanti shanti shanti. (Susi)

Editor’s Note:

We asked for updates from our centers around the world. This is one reply.

Daniele and Susi are centre leaders of Spazio Shanti. To visit their website, please click here.



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