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Republic of Croatia

by Patricija Kos Pešut

Hrvatski Centar Himalajske Tradicije – HCHT (Croatian Center of the Himalayan Tradition)

As I have a specific situation, the center is still on standby. I'm still the only one initiate in the country, so it's impossible for me to get some help. After two years with the broken leg and three surgeries and pregnancy in the meantime, I am graduating in Milan in the school of homeopathy; after the fractures of the spine, pelvis and one leg working as a dentist is not for me anymore, so I'm in the process of changing profession and also being at home 24 hours with my little daughter. The center has to wait.

But I can't say I have no students. I have one to whom I'm teaching Himalayan Yoga Tradition principles, and we've also started to do some asanas together.

I hope to be able to start working and teaching other people as well as soon as possible.

Editor’s Note:

We asked for updates from our centers around the world. This is one reply.

If you are an initiate and/or someone who wants to know more about the Himalayan tradition, live in Croatia, and would like to contact Patricija, please send your contact information to ahymsin@ahymsin.org and it can be forwarded to her.



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