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United Kingdom

by Rajini Prakash

UK Initiate Sangha

“A person who has set herself or himself such a goal [of personal spiritual growth] looks for a company where he can share that goal, looks for those of like mind, goes to what we call a satsanga, a company of the like-minded, kindred souls who are going for reality, who are searching for reality. When he sits down in the company of others, he has no other thing to talk about but this luminous light. He sits, she sits down in that company and talks about the beauty of God and what would it be like to be so liberated. ‘Don’t you think so?  What are your views on it?  Have you come ever close enough to say that you have experienced a minute or two, or half a minute, or a few seconds of such luminosity?  Tell me of you.’  He’s reluctant to talk of his own light but he’s anxious to hear of other’s light.” 1 – Swami Veda Bharati

With the Grace of our beloved Swami Veda, and blessings from Swami Ritavan, initiates of the Himalayan Tradition in the UK came together in June 2019 for our first satsang. In the past year, there have been several satsangs – physical gatherings and, more recently, online.

It is a remarkable experience to meet with other initiates of the Himalayan Tradition; perhaps, a knowing, a flash of recognition within, and certainly a strong, inexplicable bond that becomes evident at such times. The satsangs, especially during the pandemic, have deepened these special connections.

The initiate group has members who have known beloved Swamiji from His days in Guyana, those who have known and served Swamiji closely for over a decade, and those who have recently been embraced by the Tradition in this lifetime.

Sessions normally begin with rendition of the Guru Mantra followed by chants in accordance with Swami Ritavan’s guidance of our AHYMSIN Sangha. Discussion topics are drawn from TTP and the texts. The satsangs close with a short meditation. Swamiji’s and Gurudeva’s profound teachings form the basis of discussions. There is joy in sharing of understanding and experience of practices. The power of satsangs with kalyana-mitras, the energy and motivation it generates are a testimony to the Guru’s presence. Swamiji’s benevolence and His Grace are ever-prevalent.

Presently, we are around sixteen initiates. We are not formalised as a centre. A mix of online satsangs and physical meetings have been held to enable initiates in London and other parts of the UK to join us. During the lockdown period, we met online once every week. Now, we come together on the last Saturday of each month as initiates of the Himalayan Tradition, as kalyana-mitras, as friends.

Swami Veda has said, “a friend, thus, is one who starts off out of a sentiment of affection; grants benevolence without seeking a return or an acknowledgment; slowly shares the same space of awareness, awakening of same level of consciousness and the realization of the Transcendent; at each step encouraging the friend to keep on the path, not to slip into apathy and darkness and confusion; serves as a solar beacon to light up the friend’s path and helps to stabilize him permanently into a clarity and pleasantness of the mind.” 2

Initiates will be warmly welcomed. Please get in touch with Tejas at shobhanachandaria@gmail.com or Rajini at rajinip79@gmail.com. It will be a blessing to have you join us.


1. “Six Requirements for True Liberation” by Swami Veda.

2. The article, “Friend” by Swami Veda.

Editor’s Note:

We asked for updates from our centers around the world. This is one reply.



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