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by Little student of the Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition

Ahymsin Thailand

The meditation center in Thailand associated with AHYMSIN was established in January 2011 just in time for Swami Veda Bharati’s visit to the country (this was his second last visit to Thailand). It was a small apartment room being converted into a meditation place, with 25 people being able to sit together and which can fit 8 people at a time for hatha yoga and relaxation practices. Swami Veda Bharati kindly paid a visit to the center to bless the place and a group of Thai people. He named the center “Himalayan Yoga Jhana Kendra (Thailand)”

The purpose of establishing this center is to fulfill Swamiji’s wish to have a group of meditative-minded people in Thailand. While this center has never been a regular meditation practice place for people as he intended, it has definitely led to expansion of the mission of disseminating the teachings of Himalayan yoga Masters. It has helped to draw some dedicated students and been used as the base for a few volunteers to work in preparation for annual retreat that we usually organize at least once a year since 2012.
A group of TTP students usually meets once a month at the center to practice and study together. Occasionally, we also have a full moon meditation session together. Since most regular members are still actively engaged in our worldly duties, we cannot fully dedicate our times and efforts in a synchronized manner at this stage. However, it is always our wish that we can do something to maintain the mission in Thailand and at some points move it forward further.

Apart from Swami Veda Bharati, the center has had an honor of receiving other teachers from the tradition, including Swami Ritavan Bharati, Swami Ma Radha Bharati, Swami Prayag Giri, Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati, Stoma Parker, Ashutosh Sharma, Peter Fabian, Randall Krause, John Sellinger, Wong Yoong Khiang and Shi Hong. We hope we will have more teachers to visit the center in the future so that the cumulative blessings from them will help energize the place.

Swami Veda Bharati always said that purification of the mind and emotion is the basic foundation of yoga practice and it will be an ongoing process for a very long time no matter how far one has progressed in his/her inward journey.  Running the center has opened up a unique opportunity to undertake such purification, which at times, can be very intense.  However, the reward is equally satisfying as there has definitely been inner transformation for each of the member, no matter how subtle it might be.

We continue to humbly beg for guidance from Himalayan Masters so that we have enough wisdom, determination, strength and resources to carry on their missions for the benefits of the humanity.  They have prepared the path to enlightenment for anyone who seeks for it and we will do our best to maintain the path with love and devotion.

Editor’s Note:

We asked for updates from our centers around the world. This is one reply.



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