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AHYMSIN Board Meeting June 2020

reported by Rajini Prakash

The AHYMSIN Board Meeting in June brought together a group of eighteen family members to share thoughts and contributions of duties towards the Guru and the Sangha. Swami Ritavan blessed the meeting with a rendition of – Hiranya-garbhad arabdham, and the Saumya-Tara mantra.

Referring to the pandemic and the acts of violence in various parts of the world today, Swami Ritavan reminded us “that our voice as meditators is a voice that speaks in a very subtle way, our entire being becomes like a voice. Our meditation becomes a voice of our mind, by way of reflection and in a dialogue that gives to the Pure Witness knowing that in our meditation we return to the very source and in that way, we replenish and, in that way, we are blessed. No matter what the challenges have been for you, personally with your family and friends, you are reminded to go back to the spiritual source of abundance. See with your entire being. Express that with your thoughts.”

Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) shared that it awaited the Government of India to lift quarantine measures before it welcomed sadhakas once again. Meanwhile, considerable support has been extended to alleviate hardship of migrant workers, the poor and underprivileged in Rishikesh by distributing kits containing food and other necessities. Each of these kits contained sufficient amounts of rice, Indian lentils (dal), wheat flour, salt, sugar, cooking oil, various spices, and soap for each family. So far, as you can see in the pictures, 2186 kits have been distributed.

Following this uplifting sharing, discussions moved on to centre relations. A team at SRSG is preparing to take forward the teachings of beloved Swamiji through Outreach Programs. Many sadhakas in India have come forward to support this initiative. It is hoped that through these programs, our links with centres, old and new, will blossom.

AHYMSIN centres have long been connected to Swamiji in many heart-warming ways. Centres are encouraged to strengthen those connections with AHYMSIN at SRSG. A small group of dedicated sadhakas from the Executive Committee are evolving ways and means of reaching out to AHYMSIN centres. Centre leaders may be contacted soon.

The meeting closed with blessings from Swami Ritavan – “As we have gathered in our meditations together during this full moon time as well as this special time when we are given time during the pandemic, it is a reminder that we have time and how we prioritise our time, how we make our lives more meaningful, by having those goals and purposes established, towards that which we value, that which speaks to us by way of a relationship with our Guru, with Swami Veda that saintly one, who influenced all of us very much, that relationship that we have with each other as in the Sangha, that we are open and honest amongst each other on many levels, that friendship, that relationship as kalyana-mitras. I encourage that though we talk about business we know that it is for them business or busyness, that we keep our focus, we keep our purpose, we keep our connection and meditate, that we continue to keep our practice. I encourage each and every one of you within your own sankalpa, within your own small community of students, as well as other teachers, travelling teachers, develop more by way of something that can be shared on behalf of the meditative Tradition. Let us once again come together with that sense of ahimsa, so as to not create conflict within our own mind to create suffering in others, and in that way in our silent moments of introspection we are free, we are forgiven, our minds have been purified.”

Swami Ritavan closed with the chanting of the Saumya Mantra and conveyed the blessings of the Lineage to all present.



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