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AHYMSIN Board Meeting June 2019

Reported by Rajini Prakash

The newly elected members of the AHYMSIN Board and Executive Committee came together this June for the first meeting in this financial year. With 18 members attending, it was one of the largest and most invigorating of meetings.

Swami Ritavan blessed the meeting with a rendition of the prayer on Abhayam – 'no fear'.

May the sky grant us abhayaṃ.
May the heaven and earth both grant us abhayaṃ.
May I have abhayaṃ from behind.
Abhayaṃ from the front.
From above and below, may there be abhayaṃ for us.
Abhayaṃ from the friend,
Abhayaṃ from the foe.
Abhayaṃ from what is known to me. 
Abhayaṃ from what is beyond the eyes.
Abhayaṃ in the night. Abhayaṃ in the day.
May all directions, all quarters, be friends unto me.

O Divine Mother, upholder of the universe, grant me strength that I may see all beings with the eyes of a friend.
May all beings look at me with the eyes of a friend.

May they all, all of us living beings, look at each other with the eyes of a friend.
For when all is friend, there is abhayaṃ.
Om. Peace. Peace. Peace.

If you wish to listen to Swami Veda’s chant and explanation, please click on the following link: Mantra for Freedom from Fear.

Shi Hong, Senior Vice-President of AHYMSIN, welcomed everyone to the meeting and said that members of the Board and Executive Committee should demonstrate the true spirit of teamwork.

The first report was news of the ongoing building works at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG). Responding to feedback from visiting sangha members, it has been decided that the sanctity of the Meditation Hall should be preserved. The Meditation Hall must be reserved for meditation purposes only. To facilitate this, new classrooms are being planned. These additional class rooms are required also because sadhaka groups are increasingly visiting SRSG.

CCTV cameras are being installed in all public areas of the Ashram. This is a mandatory requirement in accordance with the law.

The second report was on events at SRSG, of inspiring programmes that are being offered this year. From June 2019 onwards, special retreats on Superconscious Meditation will take place in the last week of the month followed by a Silence Retreat in the first week of the following month. This will continue through the year. Non-initiate retreats will be held twice a year as Mantra and Meditation special retreats. Mantra after Initiation Retreats will be for initiates.

Apart from the ongoing programmes, the programme on Spiritual and Meditative Approach to the Ramayana will be held from 20th – 27th October, 2019.

In early 2020, there will be programmes on:

The calendar of events is available at the following links:

Sadhakas are invited to sign up early to secure their place on these programmes.

The third report was on Communications. More than 8000 members joined AHYMSIN social media sites ( 2 Facebook sites: AHYMSIN Group and AHYMSIN) in the last few years, and this number was expected to increase.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are drawing more members by the day. YouTube has seen short videos of Swamiji’s teachings, and more will be posted soon. Swami Veda’s lectures are also available on CD Baby. More audio and video platforms will be identified based on their suitability to carry Swamiji’s teachings. This is an opportunity to sign up to social media and receive these teachings.

The final report was on publications. Books, both in English and in other languages, are lined up for release this year. Book your copy of Death Your Servant ahead of its release at the Maha Samadhi event next month. Pearls of Wisdom – Vol I is also slated for release by end of this year. Other publications in progress are: Yogi in the Lab – Vol II and the third book in the Silence series. Translations into Chinese are also taking place and completed books are being published in the language.

Swami Ritavan closed the meeting with the chanting of the Saumya-Tara Mantra along with a reminder of the 40-day Spiritual Festival and daily inspiration on AHYMSIN Facebook.

“Tare tutare ture svaha.”

Editors Note:
Mauni Amavasya Silence Retreats from 15th - 24th January and/or 24th January - 2nd February 2020 at SRSG.

To contact the Himalayan Yoga Publications Trust about the books mentioned: info@yogapublications.org.

In March and November, SRSG will host two week long Himalayan Yoga Tradition - Teacher Training Program (HYT-TTP) training sessions.



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