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Swami Rama Book Now Available

by Swami Rama Centre

Book Cover: The Ancient Traveler by Swami RamaNow Available: The Ancient Traveler: Writings on Love by Swami Rama

The Ancient Traveler is a compilation of Swami Rama’s poems and writings on love. His compact but profound perspectives on love extend from love in general, to the complexities of human love and finally to the ecstatic heights of divine love. Based on personal life experiences and ultimate spiritual attainment, Swami Rama has gifted us enlightened glimpses of the eternal wanderings of love, the ancient traveler. In these writings Swamiji, also an ancient traveler and extravagant vagabond (as he referred to himself), reveals his deep love for his master and for the mysterious divine force that is the source of all life in this universe.


Available at Swami Rama Centre, mailorder@hihtindia.org

(This information was previously posted online by Swami Rama Centre.)

Editor’s Note:

The Ancient Traveler: Writings on Love by Swami Rama is also available for purchase through Lotus Press.


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