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Workshop with Swami Nitya and Sabina

by Marjan Overgaag

Retreat at MeranoIt is May 2019, and we are in Merano, Italy! Surrounded by the snowy mountains of the Alps, Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati lectures us on fears and how to free ourselves. Where do fears come from? And why worry about the future?

Swami Nitya lets us look at fears from different angles; she shares insights and explains lovingly. For wisdom is living from the awareness of oneness. It is an intense and fascinating workshop, and we are all surrounded by the loving care of Sabina Cesaroni, Swami Nitya and each other.

Sabina accompanies the lectures with inspirational body work and yoga. She takes us contemplative walking in the beautiful garden of Casa Pallotti, we meditate under the big, ancient tree and dance on the music of ‘La Danza Della Vita’. And, of course, every day we do makka ho yoga.

The youngest in the group is 30 and the oldest is 83, man and women from Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Lithuania.

Part of the workshop (9 days) is a period of silence in which we deepen our journey inwards. With gratitude I thank all.

The next European workshop of Swami Nitya and Sabina (Existence: The Dance of the Feminine and Masculine Principles) is October 11th- 19th in Merano, Italy.  

The address of Swami Nitya’s website is http://www.athayoga.info.

Trip to Peru in 2020Editor’s Note:

Marjan Overgaag has received the 600 hour certificate from the Himalayan Yoga Tradition – Teacher Training Program (HYT-TTP). She teaches in Schipluiden, Netherlands. Please click here for more about how you can contact or study with Marjan.

Marjan writes, “…next year I will organize a yoga and meditation trip to Peru, to the project Niños del Arco Iris where the poor Indian children of the Andes get education and medical care. In the Netherlands, I am a volunteer for this project (to raise funds). At the site of the project, they have beautiful rainbow houses where we will stay and in the big dome of the project I can give yoga and meditation.” For more about this trip, please read Yoga Trip to Peru. Departure is 16 April 2020.

Peruvian project "Children of the Rainbow Foundation" site is https://ninosdelarcoiris.com/en/ but was unavailable when this newsletter was being edited.



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