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Construction Project at SRSG

by Pandit Priyadarshan (Pierre Lefebvre)

The largest construction project at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama in more than a decade

With the on-going growth of the ashram and the always increasing inflow of visiting sadhakas, many of them coming to the ashram in large size groups, it had become a necessity to explore avenues to be able to offer larger surface classroom space at Sadhaka Grama.

After in depth consultations with Swami Ritavan (the Ashram Pramukh), the trustees of the Dhyana Mandiram Trust, the AHYMSIN Board of Directors, government experts and structural engineers, the best and most practical way to proceed was identified as building a large hall on the second floor of the main building, above the Meditation Hall. This project also includes a plan to equip the main building with solar panels.

As those who have visited the ashram in the past can visualize, it is a major construction project.
An additional reason to add a second floor above the Meditation Hall was that the state of the existing roof had considerably deteriorated and that there was recurrent severe water infiltration in the Meditation Hall during the rainy season.

The work began a few months ago and by now, we can already anticipate the extent of what the finalized project will look like.

We are now reaching out to all the members of the AHYMSIN international family to help support this major project. The phase one of this project is estimated at USD 100,000. This endeavour will help serving the visiting sadhakas from around the world in a better and more efficient way for many decades to come.

In order to meet these essential expenses for the maintenance of our spiritual home, we need your continued loving and generous support. The current cost of just maintaining the facilities at the ashram (not including any of the programs, or repair work) runs at approximately INR 1,800,000 (USD 26,200) per month.

For all donations towards the ashram maintenance and renovation work, you may write to Swami Ritavan or Mayanne Krech, or you may write to ahymsin@ahymsin.org.

It is only with the generous support of our extended family that the ashram can continue to serve the mission. We would like to extend our special thanks to: a) all those who have so generously donated towards the ashram renovation work, b) all those who encouraged their friends and family to support the ashram, and c) all our family members across the globe who continue to share their love with us and thereby making this physical space an oasis of meditative silence.

Yours in service of Gurudeva,

Pierre Lefebvre

“The dakshina (love-offering) and seva (selfless service) offered unto the Guru’s Mission will ensure that the manifest form of this spiritual sanctuary can continue to flourish and serve in line with Swami ji’s vision, while further strengthening one’s unending connection with the Guru Parampara.” – Swami Ritavan Bharati

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