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Guru Dakshina / Love Offering

Dakshina / Love Offering

For thousands of years, seekers have made offerings to the spiritual master out of love, respect and gratitude. The Rig VedaRig Veda, an ancient scripture says, “When we offer to a great being with reverence, what comes back is a portion of the Guru’s essence.” So offering dakshina creates a direct and ongoing connection with the source of grace in our lives. It allows us to participate in the universal cycle of giving and receiving and connects us with our own inner state of generosity. As we express this generosity of spirit in our lives, we experience a world that is generous in return.

The true essence of dakshina is that it is offered with an open heart and pure feeling. It is not the amount given, but the feeling with which it is offered that truly bears fruit. The student or disciple gives his/her offering for the love of the teaching, so that the teaching may be facilitated, that the Gurukulum or Guru Family may flourish, and that the teacher(s) do not suffer. No “amount” is a “price” paid for knowledge.

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