The “New Meditation Hall” is almost complete!

145824594 3956180684425990 3349529488679892369 oAs you all are aware, we began constructing a new meditation space above the existing Meditation Hall at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) in the summer of 2019. While the world was forced into a ‘pause’ in 2020 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, including the SRSG ashram, we were still able to continue the construction work for the “New Meditation Hall”. No, we will probably not be calling this beautiful meditation space – ‘the New Meditation Hall’!

We take this moment to share glimpses of this meditation space with you all here and to extend our deep and heartfelt gratitude towards the many loving and generous family members who made this possible. It was the continued support and contributions of many members of the AHYMSIN Global Sangha who helped manifest the vision we had for this Hall. Although the construction in the Hall has been completed, we still have some work left here, including furniture and furnishings.

146307187 3956180534426005 6106495889489411133 oMoreover, we have begun a major repair and renovation of the Initiation Room upstairs. The false ceiling in the Initiation Room has been removed as it was breaking away. There are plans to replace all the aluminum doors and windows in the Initiation Room and around the Main Building. In addition to this necessary renovation work, we are happy to share that a memorial dedicated to the memory of our beloved Swami Veda has also been planned.

If you would like to contribute towards these projects, kindly reach out to Divya for donations at

We are grateful and appreciative of everyone, all our affiliated centers, and all the loving members of the AHYMSIN family worldwide, and eagerly await their return ‘home’, so we all can sit for meditation in this Hall together as a family.

Yours in service of Gurudeva,

Rabindra Sahu (General Manager, SRSG)

[This article also appeared in the January 2021 edition of the AHYMSIN Newsletter.]

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July Events at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama

Swami Ritavan Bharati invites all who were associated with Swami Veda to attend the SRSG July events, or contribute by way of sharing an audio or video less than 7 minutes for the second anniversary celebration. Contact:

Guru Purnima Retreat

9th July 2017 will be Guru Purnima, as well as a date for Full Moon Meditation.

“This day, the day of Guru Purnima is considered to be the holiest day for the students of life; for those that have been treading the path of light; for those aspiring to attain enlightenment in this lifetime. They remember this day and celebrate it by becoming aware the purpose of life is to attain enlightenment; the state of mind, internal state, that makes one free from all pains and miseries.” – Swami Rama

There will be a Guru Purnima Retreat at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) 30th June – 9th July 2017, with akhanda-patha (24 hour non-stop recitation) of the Guru-Gita, the Song to the Guru.


Maha Samadhi Anniversary Retreat

The 14th of July will be the 2nd Anniversary of Swami Veda Bharati’s Mahasamadhi.

“We gather as a celebration on this first anniversary of our beloved Swami Veda’s samadhi. Here, we are not adoring the physical body which was placed in this space one year ago; we are present to embrace the subtlety of his example, the beauty of his teaching, and faith in his mandate – ‘share with the world the pure form of meditation and only initiate into the same.’” – Swami Ritavan Bharati at the 1st anniversary of Swami Veda’s mahasamadhi

There will be a Maha Samadhi Anniversary Retreat at SRSG 10th – 14th July 2017.


Applications Now Being Taken for the Gurukulam Program

We are now inviting applications for taking in a new group of international students for our Gurukulam program.

The Gurukulam, Swami Rama Institute of Meditation and Interfaith Studies, is a residential program based on a tradition that has perpetuated itself since the ancient Vedic times. As such it is developed to train and educate aspirants so that spirituality would permeate the whole of their lives. It was established in 2003.

“The Vedic tradition, that continues to be followed to a certain extent up to this day, envisages personal spiritual experience to be the foundation of all education in every area of learning. Such education can be imparted only under the guidance of an acharya who him/herself has undergone the disciplines and purifications necessary to qualify as a guide. This is the ideal of a guru-kulam, literally, the Guru’s Family.” – Swami Veda Bharati

The Gurukulam program is suitable for persons who are interested in long-term intense study while carrying out spiritual practices given by the Spiritual Director. Students commit to a 3 to 5 year of study and training at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) in Rishikesh, India.  The academic term is from November through June with a summer break.

The purpose of the Gurukulam program is to prepare aspirants as teachers, spiritual guides and citizens and to produce graduates who excel in both scholarship and the practical disciplines.

Ma Radha Bharati, Academic Director of Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG), has written about the Gurukulam program, “Although there are many institutions in India and abroad introducing people into various meditation methods, the specialty of the Himalayan tradition is that in it are included hundreds of the paths leading to the inner self, and the knowledge of the natural relations and systems of these paths is integrated. It is suitable for people of varying religions, paths, temperaments and backgrounds. This path is systematic and scientific. Certain methods are given along with explanations of their effects and benefits so that they can be verified. In this way students can also examine their own progress. The systems and texts of spiritual philosophy have their origins in the profound meditative states of the ancient sages. This tradition specializes in teaching yoga as well as the works of Swami Rama and other great yogis purely as a meditative experience. The assigned texts are drawn primarily from the Patanjali Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra systems with practical training from within the physical, mental and spiritual realms. Philosophy and practices are inseparably intermingled. Physical aspects of yoga are taught in their meditational context. Our approach is to establish a strong foundation on which to build deeper and more subtle practices. Students are given individualized spiritual practices once they are established in the basics. Pranayama practices and mastery of breath are necessary for progress in inner focus, concentration practices, and meditation methods.”

The e-mail for interested prospective students would be:

Art of Shavasana: Subtleties of Deep Relaxation and Meditation

There will be an Art of Shavasana: Subtleties of Deep Relaxation and Meditation Retreat 20th – 25th March 2017 at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama in Rishikesh, India.

Guided practices done in shavasana will be taught in proper sequence, so students can better absorb and assimilate the effects and awarenesses which the posture and practices have generated.

Printouts will be given for each segment taught. Each segment will be guided separately and then students will practice that segment. There will be homework practice between lessons.

Segments will include:

Diaphragmatic breathing
Shavasana, correct position
Exercise without Movement
Relaxation by first tensing each limb then relaxing
Simple relaxation
Subtler relaxations: right side, left side, finer tissues, internal organs
31 points
61 points
61 points with blue star
61 points with blue star with one’s mantra
Whole body breaths: the feeling of movement, vayu, during these exercises is of the pranamaya kosha.
4 different patterns of whole body breaths
Short version of quick conscious rest
OM kriya
Whole body breaths as taught in Path of Fire and Light under “Yoga-Nidra”
Yoga nidra proper

Cost: Cost of SRSG hospitality plus goodwill offering for instruction


Application of Yoga Psychology to Daily Life

Application of Yoga Psychology to Daily Life
1st – 14th October 2017
with Gita Morar

This event will take place 1st to 10th October 2017 at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) in Rishikesh, India, continuing10th – 14th October 2017 during which time participants will take part in the Jageshwar Mahamritunjaya Temple Pilgrimage.


Course Description:

While the Yoga Psychology of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras provides the inspiration for this course, the focus for lectures and discussion is how do we apply these principles in our daily lives. Sessions will include:

– an overview of the concepts, followed by a practical explanation for their application in our daily lives;
– studying the general states of mind and how to maintain equanimity;
– examining our thinking and how to be a witness to our thoughts;
– whether these thoughts are coloured or not and further examining what are these five colourings that affect the thoughts and how to work with them;
– the three gunas;
– working with and training the five active senses and the five cognitive senses in daily life;
– how does all of this relate to the the four functions of mind;
– how does this impact on your Yoga practise, your body, breath and mind and how do we work with these observations;
– how do we work with our emotions, stress, mindfulness and the heart centre;
– The practice of Healing, reduction in obstacles, mantra and purification.

This course is followed by a Pilgrimage to Jageshwar. Recitation of the healing Mahamritunjaya mantra in one of the largest and oldest temples in the complex is said to be very auspicious and gives a unique experience. See details below.

Jageshwar Mahamritunjaya Temple Pilgrimage

Jageshwar Dham– Abode of one of the Twelve ‘Jyotirlingas’ is situated at an elevation of 1870 metres above sea level and at a distance of 358 Kms.from Rishikesh. There are around 124 temples and hundreds of statues in Jageshwar. See Wikipedia article here. (More suggested links at the end of this article.)

It’s an important place for meditation due to its tranquil and calm environment.

The beauty is enhanced by the Deodar cedar (Cedrus deodara) trees and flowing Jata Ganga. It is said that Swami Rama also meditated at Jageshwar.

In the cluster of temples The Mahamritunjaya Temple is the oldest and largest. This temple of Shiva is east facing. Recitation of Mahamritunjaya mantra here is said to be very auspicious and gives a unique experience.

The cost of pilgrimage will be over and above the registration for the retreat and Dakshina. The pilgrimage (from 10th to 14th October) will cost approximately $500 (Rs.35,000/-) for travel, accommodation and food etc. There are only limited seats; to be on the list, an early registration is required. If a participant does not want to take part in the pilgrimage or the pilgrimage is already fully booked, the sadhaka can choose to remain at SRSG in a program provided by SRSG or in self-study for these dates.

Gita Morar

Gita Morar, M.A. Clinical.Psychology; B.A.Honors. Social Work; B.A. Arts., Marriage Guidance and Counseling Diploma. In 1999 Gita went to study Yoga Meditation in Rishikesh, India, and met Swami Veda Bharati who initiated her. Gita comes regularly to study and practise Yoga Meditation in Rishikesh and Canada. She received her post graduate training in Brief Interactive Therapy at the renowned Mental Research Institute (MRI) in Palo Alto, with John Weakland, Paul Watzalawick and Richard Fischer, and Mindfulness training with Jon Kabat-Zinn in the U.S. Lecturer, Clinical Psychology; Clinical trainer, Masters Level students, University of Durban- Westville. During her career she worked as a young Social Worker with Family and Child Services in Durban, South Africa, and was instrumental in initiating the first service for Mental Health for East Indians in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her volunteer work at both the local and national levels has received recognition.

She practices as a Psychotherapist in private practice in Cambridge, Canada, and has worked with Employee Assistance Programs. Following her studies in Yoga Meditation, she integrated, developed and ran a Programme with Yoga and Meditation for Pain Management and Cancer Patients in a local hospital, Hopesprings Community, and in private practice. Blessed by Swami Veda Bharati to open, run and teach Cambridge HYMSO, an AHYMSIN affiliate center, during one of his visits to Cambridge, Canada.

From more information or to register


More Information Links


The cost of pilgrimage will be over and above the registration for the retreat and Dakshina. The pilgrimage (from 10th to 14th October) will cost approximately $500 (Rs.35,000/-) for travel, accommodation and food etc. There are only limited seats; to be on the list, an early registration is required. If a participant does not want to take part in the pilgrimage or the pilgrimage is already fully booked, the sadhaka can choose to remain at SRSG in a program provided by SRSG or in self-study for these dates.

Guru Purnima Retreat, 23rd – 31st July 2015

Rishikesh, India

with akhanda-patha (24 hour non-stop recitation) of Guru-Gita, the Song to the Guru. The mantras (1) Gurur brahma gurur vishnur and (2) akhanda-mandala… are two of the verses from Guru-gita. The recitation done by a team of Pandits will be nonstop.

Guru Purnima is 31st July 2015.

Cost: The cost of SRSG Hospitality plus as a devoted disciple, you may think of what this practice would cost  and help cover the expenses as a donation.

To book accommodations:

An Invitation to You to Become Kalyana-Mitras

Seminar, 23rd November 2013 to 4th December 2013 

Dear Kalyana-mitra,

Re: Structured Guidance For Mantra Initiates 

Once a person has received a mantra, where does s/he go from there? There need to be some structured guidelines that can be followed for many years and for life.

So, I send this invitation to you to become kalyana-mitras, friends on the noble path, to many initiates who need the guidance. After this forthcoming study, the initiates should be given the names of possible mentors, including yourself, to whom they can turn for advice.

So soon after the recent big event, many to whom I am writing may not be able to accept this invitation. That is understandable. If you can make it, you will see how important this step is in strengthening our spiritual family.

I will teach by computer screen. Members of the spiritual committee (swamis and initiators) will do the commentary and share their own experience.

Do suggest any other names to be included among the invitees, or send whatever number of delegates from your Centre.

The dates are 23rd November 2013 to 4th December 2013. However, I do not teach every day and there are, as you know, highly qualified helpers who will help me in this.

Do let us know your travel plans well in advance so that rooms can be booked.

Cost? (1) Whatever donation so that the Ashram can cover the cost of this hospitality (2) Cost of the bundle of readings and audio materials that will be ready in anticipation of your arrival (3) whatever dakshina offerings to help in Gurudeva’s Mission.

Eagerly awaiting to hear from you soon please. Do CC your reply to Lela Pierce, and Medhawati,

Reminder: the Mauni Amavasya, annual day of silence, in 2014 is on 30th January and Shiva Night (Shivaratri) is on 28th February.

Love and blessings in service of Gurudeva

Swami Veda Bharati

A Parting Reflection from a Korean TTPer

February 2009

Hari Om!!!

Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama is our spiritual home. I had traveled around India before I came here for TTP. When I arrived at Rishikesh, I felt in mother’s lap and all my pains that I got from traveling suddenly disappeared. I have met wonderful teachers and enjoyed every class. Every teaching inspired me with LOVE. It will lead me to be a teacher who shares our Tradition with others lovingly. I have got a lot of energy which I can give with. There is one thing that I feel sorry for. Our mother, Helen Chou (senior teacher), has not been with us during this retreat because she is in 40 days silence. Still we feel that she is always with us. I am going back to Korea with the fullness that our Guru lineage gives me.