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July Yoga Retreat, Czech Republic

by Beatrix Dekkers-Heezius

July 2018

A few years ago my brother found at last his great love in the Czech Republic and moved to a village near Prague. And he, who had never a clue what I was talking about when it concerned yoga and related subjects, found himself married to a yoga lover!

Last year when we were biking in the beautifull wooded hills around Prague we discovered this secluded hotel in the midst of huge trees. We started daydeaming about a yoga retreat there, maybe a small try-out with a few of her friends….. However, my sister in law turned out to be such an enthusiastic organiser that I ended up with the task to teach 24 persons for 3 days!

I must confess that I was a little nervous and insecure about it, since although I teach an average of 75 persons every week, I had never done a full retreat. How to fill 3 full days and present them with a programme that would be inspiring, nurturing and relaxing??

I was happy to hear that the participants did not want to start before 7 A.M. and desired the afternoon free until 5 P.M! But still there were many hours to fill.

Another problem was the language; only two persons could really have a conversation in English, two others could understand, but the majority did not. However, my sister-in-law’s son was willing to translate for us, a student who selflessly sacrified his precious weekend of vacation. I found that it requires another technique of speaking and of teaching a yoga class.

But the place and environment were wonderful; although the hotel was a concrete former communist hotel, it had been nicely refurbished. We had rooms in wooden appartments, and just a short walk away we were surrounded by huge pine trees. During the free afternoons one could make long walks in the forest.

It turned out that time was too short! Once started there was so much to share about the Himalayan Tradition and the knowledge within. The blessings of Swami Ritavan must have been very beneficial!

The translation was fluent and apparently sometimes hilarious since the young translator used some slang words now and then (while I was picking my words so cautiously!), but that was fine and the laughter added some lightness.

My hesitation about mantra singing in the evenings turned out to be totally not neccesary. They sang beautifully, not only mantra (well pronounced!) but also beautifull ancient Czech songs which every one seemed to know. In some countries there is so much more tradition in singing! It was so warming to the heart.

It was most rewarding to see people leave with happy and rested faces. And with wishes to repeat such a retreat. With the warning of Swami Ritavan in mind: “Let no mind mistake this inebration with the perennial joy of ananda.”

In gratitude,


Editor’s Note:

Beatrix Dekkers-Heezius teaches in Driebergen, Netherlands. She received her 500 Hour Certification from HYT-TTP (Himalayan Yoga Tradition - Teacher Training Program) in November, 2015. To visit her website, please click on Yoga Studio Driebergen.



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