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The Cream of Yoga Science

by Swami Rama

Book Cover Path of Fire and Light Vol 2[This passage has been taken from the book Path of Fire and Light Volume 2, pp 41 - 75, by Swami Rama (Rama, S., 1988. Path of Fire and Light Volume 2. Himalayan Institute Press.)].

If you want to create a situation for meditation you have to pay attention to the point where the nostrils bridge to the upper lip – the point at which your mind notices which nostril is blocked and which nostril is open. Usually you will notice that one of the nostrils is passive and the other is active. When you have learned to change the flow of the nostrils with your mind, then after some time both nostrils begin flowing evenly. This may take some months or perhaps a year, depending on your capacity and the burning desire within you.

When both nostrils flow evenly the mind cannot worry, because it is disconnected from the senses. Mind does not know how to worry then. It attains a state of joy called sukhamana, the joyous mind. That state of mind is conducive to deep meditation. This is an accurate and effective procedure for you to follow, and it is important not to rush or be impatient.

For meditation, the finest of all breathing exercises is sushumna application. When you learn how to apply sushumna, there is no way for your mind to go anywhere but into the inner journey. At present, when you try to meditate you are disturbed and your mind is disturbed. Some days you have a good meditation and other days you do not, depending on your ability in sushumna application.

According to the ancient yoga manuals and the science of yoga, there are three important points in the inward journey. The cream of yoga science is to learn first to apply sushumna; next to awaken kundalini and lead her to the highest dimension; and then to attain the knowledge of the Absolute. This is the entire procedure of the yoga system, and these practices are meant to help you toward that goal.

The science of breath actually ends with sushumna application. It is the method by which you establish harmony between two aspects of breath. During that time both nostrils flow freely. Without sushumna application, meditation- the inward journey – becomes difficult, so you should learn the method of sushumna application.

When you attempt sushumna application, ask your mind to focus at the nose bridge. Let your thoughts come and do not be afraid. You are trying to discipline your mind. When you do that, your whole being will be alert, and the whole unconscious mind will become active and bring forward many hidden and forgotten things. When this happens people often get upset, thinking that the meditation is disturbing them. But it is not the meditation that causes the disturbance, it is what you have bottled up. You have to go through that process of release in meditation therapy. This is a very good process. Let the distracting thoughts come forward, and then allow them to go. After a while a time will come when no thought patterns disturb you, and you can watch your thoughts. Then you can witness your whole life. If a disturbing thought comes, you allow it to go away.



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