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Prayers used with Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra


Prayer used before Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

asya try-ambaka-mantrasya
vamadeva-kahola-vasishtha rshayah
try-ambako devata, anushtup chandah, tryam bijam, bamshaktih, kam kilakam.

Of this try-ambaka mantra, the sages are Vamadeva, Kahola and Vasishta.
try-ambaka is the Deity
Anushtup (of 32 syllables) is the metre.
tryam is the bija, seed word.
bam is the shakti, inherent power.
kam is the kilaka, affirmative force (literally, nailing down as a peg for tethering).

sarvarishta-shantaye: for pacifying all untoward onsets
sarveshta-siddhy-arthe: for fulfilment of desired outcomes
moksha-sadhanarthe: to obtain liberation
jape: in performing the japa

Prayer used before and after the Japa of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

Asya maha-mrityunjaya japasya phalam (pronounced as aspirated 'p', not 'f')
Gurave samarpayami. Om tat sat. Brahmarpanam astu .

The fruits (phalam) of this practice are offered to the Guru. Om tat sat.
May the Universal Self be Satisfied



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An audio of Swami Veda Bharati reciting Maha-mṛtyunjaya Mantra can be downloaded at

Note: The prayers above are a transcript of a recording of Swami Veda Bharati.


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