Swami Veda’s recitation of the Sri Lalita Sahasranama:

A member of The Meditation Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after listening to the above recitation at the conclusion of Navaratri, wrote:

Tonight, Swami Ritavan concluded Navaratri at The Meditation Center with the Sri Lalita Sahasranama recorded recitation by Swami Veda. Even if it were not an invocation, and we did no more than listen to Swami Veda’s voice, it would be enough.

It is hard to believe that Swamiji recited Mother’s 1000 names so impeccably. Maybe a better word would be ‘infallibly’ — as the Pope in Rome is said to be infallible when speaking ex cathedra (‘from the chair’ [seat]). There was not the slightest miscue all the way through . . .  for over 45 minutes — not even, it seemed, a pause to take a breath! Perfect flow and cadence, inflection and musicality — and tenderness. That in itself is miraculous — something transcendent. A person does need to know even a single word of Sanskrit to be ‘taken away.’

At a Teachers Retreat in the fall of 1999, Swami Veda said, “I am a very ordinary person. You would not believe it. The people who have worked with me and cared for me could tell you that. But when I am speaking from my meditation seat, you had better listen.”