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Message from Swami Ritavan

[“The AHYMSIN Board meeting always begins with an offering to the Guru and blessings by Swami Ritavan. Blessings, shared below, extends beyond the meeting, embracing the entire Sangha.” – Rajini Prakash]

OM Akhaṇḍa-maṇḍalākāram vyāptam yena carācaram
Tat padam darśitam yena, tasmai śrī gurave namah.

Saumyā saumyātarāśeṣā saumyebhyas tvati sundari,
parāparāṇāṁ paramā tvameva parameshvarī.
tāre, tut tāre ture, swāhā.

Namaste, greetings to all.

As we gather in the spirit of Guru's grace, light of knowledge, and with aspirations for kindness (amity), compassion (karuna), what has been identified as a global pandemic, along with the syndromes of conflict, fear, anger, misery, and the attentive conditions of loss, loss of loved ones, of home, job, livelihood, self-respect and dignity.

Our task, through our sadhana in applied spirituality is greater understanding, not only of what is right with the world but how the beauty of that which is right can be applied to beautify in what has become "ugly" in so many eyes, in all those ways mentioned.

We recall those guides and guiding principles of our past and present, and emulating them to forge a strong and steady path to the future. The future of AHYMSIN and of the entire world.  Remember, through our applied sadhana, our disciplined mind is trained to rest in this most natural state of beauty, calm and free of conflict. It is the nature of our personality that animates forces to maintain calm, peaceful, harmonious and conflict-free minds in those around us in ever-expanding circles of influence.

Our task today, and each and every day, is to remain aware of that purity as our natural state of personality, and at the same time, remain aware of our acts, emotions, sentiments, words, and expressions of our personality. Through self-observation, through neutrality, through awareness, through conscious choice, through identification with the strong, the pure, the beauty-that is the divine within and through a certain restraint, we become a conqueror. Together as AHYMSIN, we reach-for and reach the promised nature of wisdom, freedom and liberation as One for All.



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