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Universal Brotherhood

by Swami Rama

Book Cover: A Call to Humanity by Swami Rama[This is an excerpt from A Call to Humanity by Swami Rama, Chapter "Humanism," pages 116-117 in the 1988 edition.]

The human race is suffering from its ego-born narrow-mindedness. Discrimination exists, based on religion, color, and nationality. In the same locality, people are being discriminated against just because they are European or Asian, black or white, Hindu or Moslem. As long as these man-made divisions exist in our society, there is no hope for peace or happiness. We must understand that we are born as humans and all other identifications are superimposed on us later. Loving others and receiving love from others is our birthright. True freedom means loving all and hating none, including all and excluding none. For cultivating the true human within, we have to reach out to the hearts of our fellow beings. Political treaties and alliances are of little value. There has to be a desire in every human heart to overcome mutual differences that have been artificially imposed by selfish political, social, and religious leaders.

Removing differences and moving from diversity to unity are the essence of real spiritual practices. This process has to occur at every level of our individual and social lives. By realizing one Reality within all, we will be able to purify our hearts and minds. This purification can lead us to the experience of the Divine Light within. Once we experience the Truth within, we will find ourselves to be part of the universe, and vice versa. Upon such realization here and now, we will not need to imagine a heaven apart from this universe. By loving all and excluding none, by sharing everything and possessing nothing, we will attain freedom from the fear of hell and the desire for heaven. We can have our own heaven here on earth.

Our interpersonal relationships must be based on the philosophy of universal brotherhood.

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