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Republic of China (Taiwan)

by Tinyu Chen

Ahymsin Taiwan-Love passing by along with Guru’s grace

“Long time ago, I heard that there is a small inland named Formosa, Taiwan. I wondered what that place is, so I just went there. One day I visited one famous temple in Taipei. In that Lungshan temple, many people sat on the floor and meditated; however, their postures were not correct. I would love to share, but cannot speak Chinese. So I decided to sit down as well and meditate. Half an hour later, when I opened my eyes, many people surrounded me, they could also sit straight.” Swami Veda once told the story how he first came to Taiwan, and cannot stop the smile on his face. This is how he shows his guidance to us. Not only through his teaching, but also showing how he is practicing and being.

After many years after SVB’s first visit, Ahymsin Taiwan was established on 2008 under his instruction, until now his love and teaching still are blooming in this small inland.

Since 2008, Ahymsin Taiwan hosts yearly workshops and silence retreats.

When SVB was still in his body, he offered beautiful inspirations and teachings for Taiwan students. After he left his body, his beloved teachers such as Swami Ritavan Bharati, Swami Ma Radha Bharati, Stoma (Stephen Parker), Yoong, Ashutosh Sharma, ShiHong and others continue his mission.

Every one or two years, Ahymsin Taiwan provides a Chinese TTP (teacher training program) in India at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG); students can learn the Himalaya tradition systematically and also experience life in the ashram and India. Over 12 years, we have had hundreds of participants join the Chinese TTP. As SVB once shared at the finishing ceremony of Chinese TTP: “This is not about to get the certificate, the real certificate come from your students. This is not a Teacher Training Program; this is a program to transform your personality and life.”

Indeed, lots of changes happened. Many participants share with us how the Chinese TTP brought them a new perspective to contemplate their life, although sometimes it quickly challenges them to face these changes; however, they realize the meaning of sadhana. This March, we had also finished Lever One and Level Two Chinese TTP before the Covid-19 is seriously spreading through the whole world. It was really difficult to make the decision whether we keep going for it or cancel it. Under Guru’s blessing and a lot of efforts from the ashram and our team, almost 50 students finished the TTP retreat and returned to Taiwan safely.

We have a small center located in Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan. Providing classes such as Hatha Yoga,Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and Children’s Yoga on a daily basis. Meanwhile, the center also is used for Full Moon Meditation and a TTP study group. Once a month, TTP students will gather together to share what they have learned and give feedback to each other.

The pandemic situation has been changed the whole world. Fortunately we have ShiHong who has translated many Swami Rama’s and Swami Veda’s books including the Yoga Sutras. It helps many students in Taiwan and China; people who read Chinese worldwide can study the lineage without a language barrier. In the coming days, we are also proving online classes, hoping the love from lineage will be passing through and let everyone feel loved.

Editor’s Note:

We asked for updates from our centers around the world. This is one reply.

AHYMSIN Taiwan has 2 pages on Facebook; one is as the organization and the other is as a group.  They also have a website and a YouTube channel.



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