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Raja Yoga – Meditation & Samadhi

by Swami Rama

Book: Inner Paths by Swami Rama[This is an excerpt from the chapter “The Path of Raja Yoga” by Swami Rama in the book Inner Paths Compiled by the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy, 1979. Pages 18-20.]

Some students think that without practicing the preliminary steps of raja yoga they can attain samadhi, but that is not true. No matter which mantra you have, if your technique is defective, if you do not have a philosophy of life behind it, that technique alone will make you a technologist, but not a meditator. Work with yourself gently. As you look after your body, look after your mind. Proper meditation is very useful, and raja yoga teaches that.

Once you start doing meditation, you will come to know that life consists of more than merely learning. You talk of learning. You say, “I want to learn, I want to learn.” But that is not the proper attitude. There is something higher. On the spiritual path un-learning is much more important than so-called learning. What you really need to learn is “un-learning,” but only in meditation will you discover what this means.

I wish you could forget everything. If you could forget all that you have learned, in which language would you talk with yourself? What would be your state of mind? Do you know that when you have unlearned all the languages in which your mind thinks, you attain the state of samadhi?

With the help of meditation and through the un-learning process, you will come in touch with your unconscious. Gradual and systematic meditation will enable you to make your mind one-pointed and will give you the power to penetrate the infinite library of intuitive knowledge. Then you will attain the real state of joy and happiness. Joy is realized only by that mind which can fathom the deeper levels of peace. One who has attained such an equilibrium of mind is never disturbed by worldly fetters because he has learned how to remain undisturbed, how to live here and now. He has learned to be here, yet above. If we live only here, we are flattened like a ball of clay and cannot get up, so we should learn to live here and yet remain above.

You know who is in samadhi? He who has no more questions. If you do not have any questions, if all your questions are solved, you are in samadhi, but as long as your mind is busy with dialogues, that is duality. If one part of your mind puts a question and another part answers it, you are not in samadhi. The day you are free from the argumentations of the mind, you are in samadhi. Samadhi is strengthened when you learn to practice your meditation constantly, without any interruption. This final rung of raja yoga has led you to become the most practical of persons, for now you are fully free, in full awareness of reality.

Editor’s Note:

The book Inner Paths is out of print, but available at some used bookstores.

For a better understanding of raja yoga, please read the book The Royal Path: Practical Lessons on Yogaby Swami Rama.

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