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Mauni Amavasya 4th February

by Carolyn Hume

You are invited to observe Mauni Amavasya (Silence Day) on 4th February 2019. This is a practice Swami Veda Bharati encouraged us to undertake. Mauni Amavasya is an annual event, and in 2019, it will be on 4th February.

Swami ji wrote:

...there is also an annual silence day in the traditions of India. It is called Mauni Amavasya. Mauni means ‘of or for silence’, and amavasya means ‘no-moon day.’

It occurs on the no-moon day of the Maagha month in the Hindu calendar when sun and moon are both supposed to enter the sign of Capricorn (makara rashi)…

...I would like many of my friends to set aside at least one day to share the silence with me just as you have shared the full moon day for an hour each month for more than a decade now.

...If you plan from now, you can arrange your worldly affairs in such a way that they do not interfere with your one-day vow of silence.

On that day, no driving (except for emergencies), no TV, no conversation, just self-observation, contemplation, japa and learning (1) to give love in silence while (2) learning to love silence.

May I ask all our swamis, initiators, spiritual advisers, teachers, centre leaders to kindly popularize this concept and take this year to prepare the people to undertake this one-day vow of silence.

In 2020, Mauni Amavasya will be 24th January.

Motto for All Future Silence Days

Swami Veda gave this as the motto for all future silence days:

Eat only when you are fasting
Be still while running
Speak only when in silence.


The second Sanskrit sutra here is left untranslated to keep it secret. Those who are true practitioners will find out and learn.

Many sadhakas say: I am anyway silent most of the day.
However, it is not silence if you are silent because you just happen to be alone!

Silence is silence when you have the intention, make the sankalpa, to keep a spiritual silence and then your mind is filled with spiritual contemplation and mantra, whether sitting, eating, bathing, lying down or running.

Mauni Amavasya Silence Retreats

Mauni Amavasya Silence Retreats guided by Swami Radha Bharati take place 26th January - 4th February and/or 4th - 13th February 2019 at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG), Rishikesh, India. Contact: ahymsin@ahymsin.org.

More about Silence

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The book Silence: The Illuminated Mind by Swami Veda Bharati is available for purchase through Himalayan Yoga Publications Trust, Amazon in (Kindle or Paperback), Amazon.com (Kindle).

The book The Song of Silence: Subtleties in Sadhana by Swami Veda Bharati is available for purchase through The Meditation Center’s online bookstore, which ships nationally and internationally.



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