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Silence is such a profound and deep experience of human existence that only when we have understood silence can we understand all the inspiration that has ever flowed to humanity from the minds and mouths of its adults, the great rishis, sages and prophets. The word mantra is connected with 'man' through the verb root man, which means to think, to mentate, to contemplate to meditate. So that `man' means the meditating species. The word `man' means the meditating species and the word mantra means that which becomes the core of his meditation. The Sanskrit word for silence which is mauna. It is the act, the habit, the nature and disposition of a muni, silent meditating contemplative one. And these words mauna for silence and muni, the monk, the one whose disposition it is to be silent, these words are also derived from the same verb, man. Man, to meditate. So that the highest man is muni. The silent man.
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Serenade God with a Song of Silence

Serenade God with a song.
The song is the Soul stilling her senses.
Serenade God with silence. 
Silence is stilled senses in prayer. 
Serenade God with prayer.
Prayer is heartbeat chirping in mind made His garden.
Serenade God in the garden.
Garden is heart with sangre sacra' roses red 
Serenade God with red roses. 
The roses are pulsings, the quickenings in surrender.
Serenade God with quickenings. 
Quickenings: infant souls, innocents reborn. 
Serenade God with innocence.
 Innocence is the thousand-stringed harp,
decked with sacred rose as music score that soars,
soars in a see-though sky,
then dives in sky-clear springs
and soars again until its wings of breath become stilled mid-mantra-stream.
Silence is serenade lisping, lisping on the sealed lip. 
Do not let the syllable slip, 
nor let the senses spill the sangre sacra
of Mother Silence.
God the Silence and Mother the Silence,
entwined by you are rapt in listening. 
Listen how they sing their listening.
Their whispered listening is the sanctity offering
of celibate senses stilled in silence.
With this musical, storm-stilling celibacy, 
come blessed octave,
come fellow octave.
Serenade the Self, the Soul- Vessel dipped in Sea 
the God.
Serenade by you with vow to become a song 
sung to same entwined entity who, 
since before locus and time,
has been ever serenading to you.
In mindfulness of ascending notes of symphonies 
breathing cadences of gnosis,
Silence your serenade so it never ceases.
Sing your silence that silence sing you.
May you be a song.
May silence ever sing you.

' Sacred blood

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