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Journey Within

by Ajay and Charu Srivastava

It was a nice bright and sunny afternoon of Monday, November 5th, 2018, when we reached the Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) Ashram for our weeklong stay. We were made so comfortable when we reached the reception for check in and everything was almost kept ready and very soon we ensconced ourselves in our cottage. Being the first day we were told to relax after the lunch and settle down to be ready for the daily routine from next day onwards. However, the positivity in the ambience was enough to make us already relaxed and hence we continued with our participation in the remaining activities for the day- hatha yoga, silent meditation, and dinner, and then crashed out which was quite obvious.

Next day we started at 5.30 am with a session on joints and glands exercises followed up by a recorded guided meditation by HH Veda Bharati for new sadhakas. Being first time to the Ashram, we were taken for the Ashram tour to make us familiar with the surroundings. The building which stands out in the campus was the Meditation Hall, where I think we ended up spending most of our time while in Ashram, be it for morning sessions, silent meditations, listening to some of the eloquent sessions on pranas and breathing, breathing and meditation, body, mind and emotions etc., etc. For me, the foundation class was a true revelation to understand the importance of the right posture, how to sit in a right posture, correct breathing etc. It was so touching to see the love, dedication and patience of the teachers to spend time with us and to make sure that we have learned the basics properly.

Like a gardener who takes care of the new and delicate saplings of his garden with requisite tender and care, we also felt the same feeling while being in the company of the teachers, Swami Ritavan, and we in fact could feel how we were blossoming out. By third day we were almost at home and had become part of the ever growing SRSG family. My stay further gave an immense opportunity to meet up with some very senior and evolved sadhakas and was fortunate enough to spend good time with them to further learn from their experiences. We are indeed grateful to them for sharing their wisdom and for making us as part of their family. Further icing on the cake was the festival of lights, Diwali, which was celebrated by all of us comprising people from different parts of the world with so much of fun and piety. Entire ashram was made glittering with lights coming out of mud lamps and with the joy of the people.

We didn’t realize how the time flew amidst all these actions and interactions, it was our antepenultimate day. We were discussing to find out the details about the teachers training program and suddenly the topic got diverted to cooking and we immediately grabbed the opportunity and asked if we could cook something for everyone. Our request was quickly acceded to and since then the preparations got kick started. We decided to cook a dish called “Dalma” (combination of dal and vegetables together). It was fun watching everyone get together to help us with procuring/ arranging the ingredients, and some were curious to know the recipe. We were given an indication that there are about some 70 odd people for whom we needed to cook. It is still so fresh in my memory that I was both excited and worried. Never in my life had we cooked say for more than 8-10 people. Whole of the previous night I was getting the dreams in terms of where to start, how to start, how much of each of the ingredients are to be used, how it will turn out to be!!**@@. Finally on the D-day, we just prayed to the God and got on with the drill. Finally what turned out of 2 kg of dal and about 5 kg of vegetables was far better than what was expected. This could happen only with HIS grace and blessings. Nevertheless, proof of the pudding is in eating and to our pleasure, everyone seemed to have enjoyed that sumptuous Dalma.

While we have physically moved out of the Ashram on Nov 10th, our mind and soul continue to roam around there. Eagerly looking forward to our next visit to further strengthen our spiritual resolve.

Please bless us.


16th November 2018



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