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AHYMSIN Board Meeting October 2018

Reported by Rajini Prakash

Family members of the AHYMSIN Board and Executive Committee (EC) came together for the final time of their three-year period in service on 20th October 2018. Fifteen members were present at the meeting.

Swami Ritavan Bharati opened the meeting with blessings and prayers. Speaking of the recently concluded Navaratri observations, he said, ‘our rituals that we concluded each day were part of the sankalpa in the sacred place, prayers to the devas and devis, sages and saints to bring focus, clarity and understanding. Tonight, our sacred space, the entire globe – that space, – there our hearts, our minds are one. It is the way in which we contribute to the Sangha, coming together in different ways – we now invite the Guru:

‘Gurur Brahma, gurur Vishnu, gurur devo Maheshvarah
Gurur sakshat param brahma, tasmai sri-guruve namah.

‘Asato ma sad gamaya
Tamaso ma jyotir gamah
Mrtyor ma amritam gamaya

‘Blessings and greetings to all.’

Shi Hong, Senior Vice-President AHYMSIN, addressed the meeting, calling attention to the Sangha Gathering of 2019.

An invitation to return to your spiritual home, Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG), is lovingly extended to each of you by Swami Ritavan. If you are yet to confirm attendance for the Sangha Gathering (25th Feb – 5th Mar, 2019), please do so by writing to ahymsin@ahymsin.org.

The following is a sharing of meeting proceedings

First report noted the major construction initiatives underway at SRSG to enhance the dining, teaching, and lodging facilities for sadhakas in support of their quest for spiritual progress continues. Updates, photos are posted in AHYMSIN Facebook and Twitter.

The SRSG Handbook has been re-designed and enhanced to convey information relevant and helpful to sadhakas to make their stay in SRSG more comfortable and fruitful. [Ed: Download a PDF at the link.]

Our second report shared that AHYMSIN financial status has been audited and the returns has been successfully filed with the Income Tax authorities.

The third report, which was on Communications, observed that an active AHYMSIN leadership was intensifying the stimulating exchange amongst members, which is expected to translate into increased effectiveness in serving the Mission and the Sangha.

Our fourth report announced TTP Level-3 (Teacher Training Programme) will take place in 2018 at SRSG after a gap of two years. Fifteen participants have registered for Level-1. The TTP faculty has experienced, dedicated teachers who devote time and energy to growing new teachers to carry forward the teachings of the Tradition.

Aspiring teachers are invited to participate by writing to ahymsin@ahymsin.org. Your enquiry will be forwarded to the TTP team who will get in touch with you. Information is also available on himalayanyogatradition.com

The AHYMSIN programme calendar for 2019 will be published soon. Upcoming events are mentioned both in the newsletter and on the AHYMSIN website at ahymsin.org.

The next report noted shared plans to promote the global centre relations with AHYMSIN at SRSG to enable strengthening the Sangha to take forward Swami Veda’s mission. AHYMSIN Centres are an integral part of this Mission and are encouraged to deepen relations with AHYMSIN at SRSG.

The report from Publications shared that a series of books are likely to be released early next year. There is also a Chinese translation of Yoga-Sutras Chapter III scheduled for release. The release will be announced in the newsletter, by email and social media. These contain long awaited, deeply profound teachings by Swami Veda. Watch out for them!

Sharing from the Adhyatma Samiti included a conversation between Buddha and Ananda, in which Buddha stated that the companionship of loyal friends is the whole of the practice of a spiritual life, and underlined the importance of the Sangha.

Swami Ritavan thanked all those present and mentioned that the presence carries a vibration that not only brings clarity to mind and purity in heart – that presence of love in our communications and in our activities – that is truly the message of our Sangha and our beloved Swami Veda. Most sadhakas that attend at SRSG remark they experience here a beautiful presence, a silence. Swami Ritavan encouraged everyone to communicate, to encourage participation and attend the Sangha Gathering in February.

On the advice and guidance of Swami Ritavan, the elections to AHYMSIN EC will take place on 2nd March 2019, at the Sangha Gathering at SRSG.

Swami Ritavan concluded with, ‘Remember us in your prayers. Carry that love.
Om Shree Guruve Namaha.
Om Shantih.’



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