Diwali Blessings of the Ancients:

“Jyotir, Jyotir, Jyotih, Idam Madhu, Idam Madhu Idam Madhu;

Light, Life, Love This is honey, this is sweet, so pleasant, so beautiful!”

May the Diwali Blessings of the Ancients of our Lineage remind us of this Light of Being, the Full Moon of Consciousness, the Inner Illumination of your Self.

They remind us of liberation – freedom from all darkness of ignorance,

Their message awakens us to kaivalya – Unique, Alone, where enlightenment – nirvana becomes the “blowing-out” of all attachment and dependence on externals and only revelation remains.

The experience of the Ancients recall light so luminous, self-shining, resplendent, diminishing pride of ego, and confusion of desires. A taste of that experience alone satisfies and satiates. Let everyday be your Diwali of illumination when you surrender your meditation seat and the fruits thereof to the transpersonal being – guru, awaked in your meditation.

“Let Light alone be your delight.” Purification is the pre-requisite to reduce the totality of the world’s pains with the light of kindness, compassion, and love.

Free yourself from these opaque wrappings of mind with:
Peacefulness of temperament;
Control over the sensual attractions and attachments;
Cultivate bhava, positive sentiments that guide your inclinations;
Patience and forbearance to withstand the pull & push of dualities;
Gentle and humble faith;
Evenness of character and temperament; dispassion means compassion, clarity of life’s purpose and harmony of mind in resolving all questions.

When mind comes to rest, “Be still, be still and know, be still and know that I am, be still and know that I am God,” and, let this voice speak in you, with you, through you.

With this Diwali festival recall the path of knowledge maintained in this spiritual Lineage. Resolve to follow the path of divine love where the sweetness of light, life and love are the revelations of the Self – the pure Spirit, the Being that you are.

Om, srb

Editor’s Note:

Swami Ritavan Bharati also shared Souls of Light & Love by Swami Veda Bharati as part of the Diwali Message.