“You need to set up a center in Taiwan, AHYMSIN Taiwan”. This was the loving guidance from Swami Veda Bharati in 2007. How could you say “No” to your dearest teacher and Guru? With Guru’s blessing, assistance and hard work of many students and friends, it happened. AHYMSIN Taiwan became a reality and was established and officially registered in 2009.


In the beginning, we didn’t have a place for our practices and there was a real need to have a place for the students to practice, and to have the Himalayan Tradition more grounded in Taiwan. We followed Guru’s guidance and blessing, and with patience and sincere efforts, we finally found a small cozy building in Taipei city for the AHYMSIN Taiwan center. We hoped that this small building would serve as a strong base for our practices and to keep sharing the wisdom and love of the Himalayan Tradition. With the center established, we have been having weekly Yoga classes, as well as the monthly full-moon mediations and the TTP study group activities.


Over the years, we also hosted annual workshops and silence retreats in Taiwan. When Swami Veda was still in his body, he visited us along with senior teachers such as Swami Ritavan, Stomaji, Swami Ma Radha, Shi Hong, Swami Nitya, Ashutosh Sharma, etc. Their visit was very significant for us as they shared wonderful teachings and practices and sowed the seeds of the tradition within the aspiring students and initiates. Not only did many students benefited from their teachings and practices, but their visit brought a new wave of energy, love, compassion and joy to the center.


Swami Rama always mentioned that real knowledge comes from direct experience, so bringing students to SRSG in India to gain some direct experiential learning of the tradition is one of the important mission of AHYMSIN Taiwan. When students become immersed in the environment and atmosphere of India culture and life in SRSG, they learn much from the TTP programs, silence retreats and the Sangha gathering. The last group of our students visited SRSG in March 2020 at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. We were concerned for their safety because the virus situation worsened during the visit but the students were determined to carry out their schedule in India. Fortunately, the students were able to get the last direct flight from New Delhi to Taiwan. Many persons in the SRSG family including Swami Ritavanji, Rabindra, Medha, Surendra, Divya, J.P. and many more contributed to the success of the students’ visit there. Without their dedicated support and assistance, the group would not have succeeded in overcoming all the challenges and return home safe. Everyone was grateful that this mission was made possible with our Guru’s blessings and grace. Even though they had to quarantine for 14 days, they were still happy and enjoyed the whole journey. One student said: “this is a great opportunity to practice what I have learned from the TTP during the quarantine.”

The pandemic has influenced our behavior in a tremendous way and it has affected our life for more than two years. Everyone has tried to find an inner balance and center during this challenge time. AHYMSIN Taiwan also made some adjustments accordingly. The annual workshop and silence retreat became online courses. Local and worldwide teachers keep sharing and teaching through the new technology and meeting tools such as google meet and zoom. Neither the virus nor distance have stopped the practices of the tradition as new ways to keep connecting with all the family members around the world are being discovered.

From the 15th to 19th of December, AHYMSIN Taiwan will host a new type of silence retreat. Students will gather in the Catholic retreat venue in Kaohsiung (south city of Taiwan) to receive online teaching from Swami Ritavan, Stomaji, Shi Hong and Ashutosh from India, U.S., Hong Kong and Berlin. Meanwhile, local teachers such as Ning, Sujata, Jenny and Tinyu will accompany and provide in-person guidance to the practices of students…

We pray to Guru and God that we continue to love each other and maintain our practice. We look forward to the day when our students can return to the ashram and to welcome teachers from SRSG in the AHYMSIN Taiwan center soon.

Editor’s Note:

  • AHYMSIN Taiwan is an AHYMSIN Affiliated Center based in Taipei city, Taiwan.
  • Tinyu Chen lovingly serves as the Assistant Secretary of AHYMSIN.