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The Burden of I

by Shirin Venkat

5 April 2020

At meditation today the burden of I came home.

The burden of I

I is the burden I carries
Fears and resentment it marries
Stress and tension it worries
I is the burden i carries.

I must preach I must teach
It’s after all my responsibility
And I crumbles as it tries to reach
I is the burden I carries

The Lord is the parapet
Lay the burden and rest
On the path to light do not tarry
I is the burden do not carry.

Alas! I is the burden I carries
As I lay down the I burden
Discretion and Renunciation effortless
Peace and contentment boundless.

What joy naturally springs
Instantly when I drop I
Knowledge suddenly dawns
For the burden, I knew not was I.


Editor’s Note:

Dr. Shirin Venkat is the center leader of the AHYMSIN affiliate center in Pune, India. To visit her YouTube channel, please click here.



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