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Silence in the Netherlands

by Marjan Overgaag

The Dutch went on a silence retreat. Well… also participants from Norway, Scotland and Belgium joined the annual silence retreat in Biezenmortel (the Netherlands), organized by the Himalaya Yoga Meditation Netherland Society (HYMNS). Around 60 participants gathered for five days, to withdraw their mind from all other places and become silent.

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Inspirably guided by Pandit Ashutosh Sharma, Swami Radha Bharati and Swami Tripurashakti Bharati silent it was. The program was comprehensive and complete. With powerful yoga exercises, subtle shavasana practices, deep meditation, contemplative walking, and lectures that stay with you. And let us not forget the brisk walks of Ashu in the surrounding nature in autumn colors. And we all were very much involved in the 24 hours akhanda japa, that deepened the experience of silence.

Due to the good and serene atmosphere, the experiences were profound and purifying, according to this grateful and humble participant.



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