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Full Moon Meditation
May 29th

May 2018 Newsletter

This is a combined Full Moon announcement and Ahymsin newsletter, so it's going out to both lists at the same time. Upcoming full moon meditation dates can be viewed here.

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Annual Data Review

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働くスワミ” – “Working Swami #1働くスワミ” – “Working Swami #2“働くスワミ” – “Working Swami”, Iida Fuku, center leader of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Society of Tokyo, titled these pictures taken when Swami Ritavan Bharati and Swami Ma Radha Bharati were recently in Japan.

You are invited to participate in the Annual Spiritual Festival wherever you are. In 2018, these 40 days that precede Guru Purnima will begin on 18th June and will end on 27th July, which is Guru Purnima. During these 40 days, sadhakas may choose to intensify their yoga practice and/or make beneficial changes in their lifestyles. To learn more please read the article “Annual Festival of Spiritual Peace” by Swami Ritavan Bharati in this newsletter. Also, Swami Ritavan shares the article “The Spiritual Festival of 1992” by Usharbudh Arya (aka Swami Veda Bharati) for you to read, contemplate, and incorporate in your spiritual festival practices.

In July at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG), the 3rd anniversary of Swami Veda Bharati's Mahasamadhi, a Mahasamadhi Anniversary Retreat, a July Special Event, 10 days of Guru-Gita Patha, and Guru Purnima will be observed and celebrated. There will also be a Spiritual Festival Retreat at SRSG 18th June – 27th July. Please see the Upcoming Events or contact ahymsin@ahymsin.org for more information.

June 21st is International Day of Yoga.

Swami Veda requested : “All our initiators, teachers, centres should plan something each year.”

We will welcome any accounts of your observations of this day at ahymsin@ahymsin.org (attn. Carolyn Hume).

“Yogah samadhih - Yoga [means] samadhi." and "Yogo moksha-pravartakah - Yoga is that which impels and grants spiritual liberation (moksha)." – Swami Veda Bharati in Message for International Yoga Day, June 21. Swami Ji asked us to “Do please memorize these two definitions and make them known to all who enter the path of yoga through whatever avenue.”

Tinyu Chen of AHYMSIN Taiwan writes, “Greetings! We have made prayers videos with Geeta and Ram Prakash.” To watch a video, please click on title. The Sanskrit words are below each video as is a translation into Chinese.

Words to the prayers in Sanskrit and English can be found at Morning and Evening Prayers in the Himalayan Tradition.

May Articles

What You Might Do

by Swami Veda Bharati

[This is an excerpt from “The Spiritual Festival of 1992” by Usharbudh Arya (aka Swami Veda Bharati); we invite you to read the longer article at “The Spiritual Festival of 1992.”]

I am sharing these thoughts concerning what you might do during our annual Festival ending with the Full Moon of the Guru's Day, the Guru Purnima. What we have done together in the past years may be divided into two categories:

Read More :
What You Might Do


God Is in You/Me

by Swami Rama

Book Cover: The Essence of Spiritual Life by Swami Rama[This is an excerpt from The Essence of Spiritual Life: A Companion Guide for the Seeker by Swami Rama, pages 6 - 7, Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust, 2002.]

It is easy to believe in God, and to believe in God is definitely better than not believing, however, that is only half way. It is something great when you come to know that:

God is in me. The Lord dwells in me. I am a finite vessel, and Infinity dwells within this finite vessel.

The human being is great, not because he can speak and narrate things, and not because he can feel. He is great because wherever he goes, the Lord travels with him.

No one has seen God. Highest of all, love without object, is God. How to know him? How to enjoy?

Read More :
God Is in You/Me


Annual Festival of Spiritual Peace

by Swami Ritavan Bharati

18th June till 27th July 2018
“Vasudeva, the Indwelling-Lord”

Through the living presence of Swami Veda here in Sadhaka Grama, we are inspired to return “home” to the theme of “Vasudeva”. This theme holds many gems of sadhana practiced as the Annual 40-Day Festival of Spiritual Peace.

For 2018, our theme of “Vasudeva” will focus on three kriyas [practices]: ahimsa, aparigraha, and Ishwara-pranidhana.

Please see the edited talk below by Swami Veda addressing these, plus the links and references given for details on the observances during the Festival. Enjoy this immersion in sadhana during the festival celebration of Spiritual Peace.
— Swami Ritavan Bharat

Read More :
Annual Festival of Spiritual Peace


Ashram Pramukha Address to Residents

by Swami Ritavan Bharati

Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama Ashram Pramukha addressing residents preparing for:

  1. 40-day Festival of Spiritual Peace: June 18th  – July 27th  2018
  2. Maha-samadhi of Swami Veda Bharati – July 14th
  3. Guru Purnima – Full Moon 27th July

Guru Brahma...Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah;

As we gather in this sanctuary, in this sacred place of beauty and peace, gather with sentiments (bhava) of respect, shraddha-faith, and joy, we reflect of the presence of Guru.

Read More :
Ashram Pramukha Address to Residents


AHYMSIN Board Meeting, April 2018

by Rajini Prakash

Members of the AHYMSIN Executive Committee family came together on 21st April 2018 to share news of various contributions towards fulfilling the mission of the Guru.

Swami Ritavan Bharati blessed the gathering with the prayer, Akhanda mandala karam. (Please see article, Blessings and Guidance from Swami Ritavan to read more of his loving message to leaders and managers.)

As an envoy of the Lineage, Swami Ritavan is travelling to countries across the globe to spread the message of the Himalayan sages. The itinerary features in the above-mentioned article. If you wish to attend an event at a centre close to you please write to ahymsin@ahymsin.org. You will be directed to the centre leaders at the events who may share necessary details for participation. If attending at SRSG is on your spiritual plan for the year, please write to ahymsin@ahymsin.org – our spiritual home on this plane awaits you.

It was especially joyful to hear that SRSG was filled with seekers during the purnahuti events. Groups, large and small, from Taiwan, China, Hungary, Korea, Japan, India and others attended.

Read More:
AHYMSIN Board Meeting, April 2018


Blessings & Guidance from Swami Ritavan

by Rajini Prakash

Swami Ritavan Bharati’s address to the gathering of family members at the AHYMSIN Board Meeting also carries a message to those who serve the Tradition in various capacities as leaders, teachers and guides in the Sangha.

Swami Ritavan said, ‘We are gathered here not as managers, but as kalyana-mitras, seekers on the path, each of you sharing your duty dedicated to serving the Lineage with a pure presence, silence in one way, inspiration in another, through a Tradition that is a presence, a silence, a companion in many ways, a pure Tradition. As we proceed together we carry not a burden but a grace to support humanity that needs this grace. Thank you for your work, for your vision. It is another step towards the horizon for what the Guru has in mind for the next phase for the organisation or humanity.

Read More:
Blessings & Guidance from Swami Ritavan

Nourished by the Tradition

by Ines Tsai

TTP Level 2 Class PhotoTwo years ago I was a girl who believed in myself only, with big ego, high standard valuing self and others, and seeking being someone special and successful in every aspect; therefore life to me was never easy as I had to try hard with all my power proactively and to finish things efficiently and effectively on everything in order to get or achieve.

By the time I was almost drown with harsh life I put on myself, I was so lucky to attend TTP Level 1 which actually a self-transformation program in our tradition, was exactly what I needed so badly.

All sharing from teachers touched my heart and hit my head; all hard stones in me melted.

I realized that I let my ego grown so big; my hands were always trying to grasp but actually I can simply open my heart and arms, then receive so much more. After being nourished by so much love and care from our tradition, I also realized my priority in life, people around me felt such a big change on me with more loving attitude, softening face and relaxing mind...etc.

Read More:
Nourished by the Tradition


What the HYM Center in Pune Is Doing

by Dr. Shirin Venkat

Jai Gurudev!

The complete, stepwise system taught by our beloved Guru Swami Rama is so eternally inspiring that the goal seems ever so near. Humble obeisance at His lotus feet.

In Pune, India, the person for local contact is Dr. Shirin Venkat and with her being a gynaecologist most activities revolve round the ‘Mother to be’. A new hospital called Cloudnine, dedicated to the mother and child has sprung up recently in our locality. We have started a class for the pregnant girls on Wednesday and Saturday. It is a wonderful experience. Swami Veda has inspired Shirin to write the book Holistic Motherhood, and this is our text as we practise safe Joints and Glands Exercises and safe pranayama in pregnancy and meditation guided by Swami Veda Bharati. It is a three session course, and the girls are encouraged to bring their interested family members to make it a regular family practice.

Read More:
What the HYM Center in Pune Is Doing



Dear Yoga Mentor, My Question Is…

Sometimes students have written to or asked Swami Veda Bharati, Swami Ritavan Bharati, and other senior teachers in our tradition questions about practice.  This is one such “Question and Answer,” or Q&A.


How is it that a Swami is practicing external rituals?


Stephen Parker (Stoma) has answered this question:

A Swami is free. S/he is under no obligation either to perform or not to perform rituals. The point is whether one is attached to their action. …

Read More:
Dear Yoga Mentor, My Question Is…


June Events in Greece

by Sofia Foteina

It is an honour and pleasure to share with you that Swami Ritavan Bharati, the Spiritual Guide of AHYMSIN, will be in Athens, Greece, from the 13th to the 26th June 2018.

Swamiji’s visit is hosted by Café Ecole – Himalayan Yoga Meditation of Hellas, 12, Thessaloniki’s Str. Chalandri 15234, Athens, Greece. Contact: hymhellas@cafeecole.gr. Website: www.cafecole.gr

During his stay the following will take place:

Read More:
June Events in Greece

Retreat “Yoga Sutras”

by Nina Terpstra

Retreat “Yoga Sutras” guided by Swami Ma Tripurashakti Bharati

On the 4th till the 6th of May a weekend workshop was held by Swami Ma Tripurashakti Bharati (Ma Tri) in The Beukenhof, The Netherlands. In the programme both theory and practice were combined to introduce us to the ‘secrets’ of the Yoga Sutras.

The Yoga Sutras are known to be written by ‘Patanjali’. Patanjali was likely a group of yogis with great (experiential) knowledge of yoga and self-realization. Swami Ma Tri brought us in contact with this ancient knowledge. She encouraged us to explore specific intriguing concepts from the Yoga Sutras. These formed the basis to explore more components of the entire work.

One of the themes we started with was the concept of ‘ahimsa’. Ahimsa is non-violence, whereas ‘himsa’ means violence. We contemplated about what violence defines. Forcing oneself and worrying are forms of violence towards oneself. Whereas some actions, for example killing an insect, can be classified as non-violence in certain situations. Whether this is the case depends on the intentions of the behavior.

Read More:
Retreat “Yoga Sutras”

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We invite you to share what is happening in their centers and your experiences, insights, and questions. With such sharing, we can learn more about one another and strengthen one another in our sadhana, becoming a true “sangha”. We welcome your articles. You can write to ahymsin@ahymsin.org

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