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June 2017 Newsletter

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We are in the midst of observing the annual Spiritual Festival that takes place during the 40 days that precede Guru Purnima. How many of us have accepted the invitation to participate? “We are all here for a purpose; it is an on-going spiritual process. We are all here for spiritual liberation and serving that mission. For that purpose we are purifying ourselves of our pride and ego. For these reasons we train ourselves in constant self-observation: to see oneself, to hear oneself to develop this internal dialogue. I have used one criterion for all my thoughts, my words, and my actions: ‘Is this conducive to spiritual liberation.’” – Swami Veda Bharati

We will celebrate Guru Purnima on the 9 July 2017.

“Celebrating Guru Purnima is a joy beyond words, a deep stillness that echoes a wholeness and holiness. A wholeness that provides the answers to our pursuits, our yearnings and reveals a purpose for life. To live and to love with a heart unconditioned by conflict, and a mind, unified beyond division.” – Swami Ritavan Bharati

July 14, 2017, will be the 2nd anniversary of the Mahasamadhi of Swami Veda. “Please keep his intention in your mind – ‘Let every person feel loved,’" Swami Ritavan invited us in 2015.

Children in GreeceThere will be a Guru Purnima Retreat 30th June - 9th July and a Mahasamadhi Anniversary Retreat 10th - 14th July at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) in Rishikesh, India. Please see http://ahymsin.org/main/ashram/july-events-at-swami-rama-sadhaka-grama.html.

In June, we were reminded once again of Swami Veda’s teaching that “Yogah samadhih, Yoga [means] samadhi.” and “Yogo moksha-pravartakah. Yoga is that which impels and grants spiritual liberation (moksha).” He closed this teaching message with “May your yoga be successful! May you be enlightened!”

For International Day of Yoga, we have heard of centers joining with others in events; of meditation, prayer, asanas, relaxations, discussions, and lectures; of public outreach; of 108 Surya Namaskars; of observation of ahimsa within oneself... From Greece, Sofia Foteina wrote that the children of the "Himalayan Yoga Meditation of Hellas" celebrated by cleaning the seaside of Skinias, noting, “In that way they learn to offer unselfish ‘seva’ (service) and share co-existence and happiness while feeling part of a bigger community, while offering their services to all.”

Natural Curve of the SpineArticles and pictures about your participation in the International Day of Yoga will be welcomed at ahymsin@ahymsin.org for the purpose of compiling them and also for the possible inclusion in a future edition of the AHYMSIN Newsletter.  Please do send a news item together with some photos.

In this edition of the newsletter, we have articles with photos from SRSG, Trinidad & Tobago, Burkina Faso, and Noida, India. In this email, photos of Sofia with the children in Greece, of a gathering in Taiwan led by Francine Kuo (Sujata), and of Sunil Trikha of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Society Ludhiana talking about the natural curvature of the spine.

The 5 years following Swami Veda Ji’s 5 year vow of silence on 10 March 2013 end in 2018. Silence retreats have been scheduled at SRSG in conjunction with this.

To read "Divine Grace" by Swami Rama, please click on title.

“My Life with KHEL” by Beni P. Bhatt, General Manager KHEL Charities, can be read by clicking on the title.  Beni writes about meeting Dr. and Mrs. Arya in Dehradun, India, at a young age and how this changed his life. (Note: Swami Veda Bharati was Dr. Arya before he took sanyas.)

Upcoming Events at SRSG in 2017and 2018 include: ongoing guest programmes, Guru Purnima Retreat, Mahasamadhi Anniversary Retreat (2nd Anniversary of Swami Veda Bharati's Mahasamadhi), Program for Non-Initiates, Application of Yoga Psychology in Daily Life Retreat with a Jageshwar Mahamritunjaya Temple Pilgrimage, a Preparation Course on Shaivite Tantra, a Retreat-Seminar on The Heart of Recognition (The Pratyabhijñā Hrdayam of Ksemarāja) with Dr. Bettina Sharada Bäumer, Breath Retreats, Christian Meditation Retreat, the International Yoga Youth and Children's Retreat, teacher training retreats, initiate retreats,  Navaratri Devi-Pujas, Mauni Amavasya Silence Retreats, silence retreats in 2018 in celebration of the finale of Swami Veda's 5-year Mauna Vrata (silence vow), and the Purnahuti for Swami Veda's 5-year Mauna Vrata.

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June Newsletter Articles

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  2. Guru Purnima Address by Swami Rama
  3. New Book Releases by Himalayan Yoga Publications Trust
  4. My Experience with TTP by Geeta Sadhika
  5. In Burkina Faso by Idriss Raoua Ouedraogo
  6. 108 Surya Namaskars by Dian Singh
  7. International Yoga Day by Divya Gupta
  8. International Day of Yoga, Noida by Divya Chauhan
  9. Dear Yoga Mentor, My Question Is…
  10. Global Ecumenism by Michael Smith
  11. 2017 Events and Beyond
  12. Full Moon Meditation Dates
  13. Location of our SRSG ashram

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