What is a Name

Name as Word,
Word as thought,
Thought as perception adding memory
Memory as feeling,
Feeling as experience
Experience as awareness
Awareness as Meditation
Meditation without Name, Word, Thought, Experience,
Pure Awareness of Being–NoName, Namah
Name as a spark of Consciousness illumined, glowing and growing with intention,
Let intention be my prayer and light be my meditation.
Letting go of “my” is peace.

What is Peace

Peace is never empty or vacant for it is She, our Beloved Mother.
Whose face is our desire, seeking to see, to touch, to hear,
She has breathed us into this world, where She is our fate and destiny.
What vision may She reveal, that gives strength and courage to dance on this stage of life.
What voice does She speak, that animates this wave of life called infant, child, youth, adult.
From one to many, such identities return to one who is She.
Peace is One, Peace is She.