From this moment to the next, a step from past to future, a firmness of tapas, a gentleness of devotion. A collection of pearls connecting Sankalpa over time, month to month, year to year, decades of sadhana, and service now compressed in a micro-moment of heartfelt tribute. To have everything is to leave with nothing, and do so pleasantly and joyfully. It is to be free, to create, to surrender the fruits, and to move on. At this time, in the rarified atmosphere of crisis and health challenges, it gives me great pleasure to share our collective appreciation and gratitude to these disciples of the tradition. It is about them, and it is about each of us. To give memorials is a reminder of our fleeting mortal life. But to share the life-long experiences of dedicated sadhakas is to acknowledge our immortal self.

These individuals are remarkable sadhakas, one with the predominance of jnana, and the other, the rare traits of a bhakta. Together they are truly Karma-yogis and models sadhakas for generations to come. Each wave of divinity ebbs and flows, expresses and stills, speaks and goes silent. Each devotee a wave of beauty, a ray of refinement. We have all benefited from their skills, capacities, and knowledge reflected in their duties performed selflessly and lovingly.

Their work was a regular and consistent monthly reminder. Their editing, layout, and communication skills elevated the purpose of our newsletters. The newsletters became our own personal journals to reflect, contemplate, and be inspired through the articles they delivered to us. And I have observed in them as I see in many of you, situations where others have tried to upset you and disturb you, and you have remained not upset, have not let yourself be disturbed, and have responded to such negatives with a positive affirmation. It’s great, tremendous progress, you know. And that is where progress in spirituality is seen. With some of you, I have seen within the last years a reduction in the angering content in your personal life.

As our concerns for the Mission continue, the work goes on, the same internal eye will open in others to see what is to be done, and wherefrom nothing, something again appears. Who will rise now to continue the tasks, finish them and let go of the fruits awaiting the next creative wave to appear. Without attachment to success, they have served and now pass these fruits of service to others as gifted opportunities. A life of a volunteer is the life of a true disciple who practices the art of listening, finding contentment through meditation in action, and returning to a spiritual core of vitality that again arises as a wave on this pilgrimage of life.

Service to humanity is serving the Guru-lineage. Knowing what others need, and what will help others in their time of need. Their relationship to the lineage is the privilege of being indebted to the lineage and thereby growing in a sacred relationship, through selfless service, and love. May I simply call out their names for recognition and call on each of you to express your appreciation and gratitude. Blessings of the Lineage to you both, Carolyn Hume and Stephan Hodges, for your years of hard work, dedication and seva. Humongous amount of work goes behind sending the monthly newsletters, maintenance of the website, etc.; without you both, it would have been impossible.

My gratitude, love, and blessings to you, Dowlat, for picking up the mantle as the Editor and team leader for the AHYMSIN newsletter and website going forward. You and the editing team that will come together will lead these new efforts towards the AHYMSIN Website, and the new periodic newsletter by the name: Full Moon Illuminations. My appreciation to Divya and Rabindra who have put in countless hours of work over these past two-plus years towards recreating a new creative website for AHYMSIN. The new website and newsletter will be launched soon and will continue to offer various avenues to learn about our tradition and the teachings that are offered. And may I ask the guidance and blessings of our Beloved Swami Veda to continue to watch over us, simple aspiring sadhakas on the path of moksha, that we continue to contribute to the well-being, health, and inspiration of humanity across the globe.

Yours in service of Gurudev and the Mission of Himalayan Sages,