Dear Friends,

On 20.10.2021 the autumn full moon shines in the sky

Let us all be still together, each in her place, and think of all the people who enrich our lives and often demand that we confront our greatest weaknesses.

It’s getting cold and damp. Winter is looming. Life forces contract and focus inward. A time of reflection could begin with this full moon. The haste of life and our fellow man tempts us to ask for more days from life, because time never seems to be enough. But now through contemplation in dull, dark hours we get the opportunity to give more life to the days. Silent concentration can develop intensity in meditation, which gives dignity to the moment of life and makes time seem insignificant. Now we can come to understand the motto of our school: “Yoga is meditation in action”. By practicing silent meditation from 9 to 10 p.m., meditation becomes life and life begins to become one meditation.

” O man stop and reflect!”

The divine source within me, bless my hands,

that they may be gentle,

that they may hold without becoming shackles,

that they may give without calculation,

that they may have within them the power to comfort and bless.


The divine source within me, bless my eyes,

that they may perceive need,

that they do not overlook the inconspicuous,

that they may see through the superficial,

that others may feel at ease under my gaze.


The divine source within me, bless my ears,

that they may be able to hear the infinite voice.

that they may be sensitive to the voice of need,

that they do not ignore the uncomfortable,

that they may be closed to noise and gossip.


The divine source within me, bless my mouth,

that it may guard what has been entrusted to it,

that nothing may come from it that hurts and destroys,

that it may speak healing words.


The divine source in me, bless my heart,

that love may dwell in it,

that it may give warmth and shelter,

that it may share sorrow and joy,

that it may be rich in forgiveness.

(Prayer according to St. Martin, 4th century)


I wish you a pleasant, silent hour.

in loving solidarity