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Peace on Earth Broadcast 2010

Peace on Earth Broadcast

There will be another pubic internet broadcast via Shoutcast (with video to SRSG ashram in India), Aug 8 from 7-8:30 pm (Central time, USA). Swami Veda is scheduled to lead the Peace on Earth Meditation.  The lecture is titled "Peace on Earth Meditation with a Recitation of the Lord's Prayer". It is scheduled to last 1½ hours.

Swamiji will broadcast the lecture from Saint Maron's church in NorthEast Minneapolis.

How to Listen

  1. Check the time in your local area, please go to: TimeAndDate.com (will open a new window preset to correct time and date).
  2. To listen to the free Shoutcast broadcast, you can download the free Winamp Player from here: https://www.winamp.com/player or use Windows Media player by going to swamiveda.com or  bharatifoundation.org and clicking on the player icon in the top left corner where it says "Swami Veda Radio".
  3. Go to www.shoutcast.com and do a search for Bharati Radio. When the station appears, click on the listen button.
  4. - or -
  5. Go to www.swamiveda.com or www.bharatifoundation.org and click on one of the buttons under "Swami Veda Radio" in the upper left corner.


Go to www.youtube.com/swamiveda for videos of Swami Veda's talks.


PS videos of Swami Veda's lectures will be posted on SVVC (Swami Veda's Video Club) available worldwide via Amazon's Cloud technology, and soon available on DVD via www.swamiveda.org

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" Careful vigilance and observation lead the student to study the incoming thoughts from the unconscious mind. The yogis recall all their samskaras, watch them, examine, and even select and reject them according to their need. Those thought patterns that are disturbing are rejected by the yogis, and those that are helpful are strengthened. A deep study of these three states-waking, dreaming, and sleeping-reveals that, with the help and practice of yoga nidra, one can go beyond all the levels of the unconscious. "

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