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A monthly newsletter, usually around 10 - 12 articles. Includes activities from all around the world.
AHYMSIN Newsletter, June 2020Sent on 28 June 2020
AHYMSIN Newsletter, May 2020Sent on 30 May 2020
2020 Festival of the SpiritSent on 25 May 2020
AHYMSIN Newsletter, April 2020Sent on 30 April 2020
Ahymsin Newsletter March 2020Sent on 30 March 2020
AHYMSIN Newsletter, January 2020Sent on 29 January 2020
AHYMSIN Newsletter, December 2019Sent on 31 December 2019
AHYMSIN Newsletter, November 2019Sent on 30 November 2019
AHYMSIN Newsletter, October 2019Sent on 29 October 2019
AHYMSIN Newsletter, September 2019Sent on 29 September 2019
AHYMSIN Newsletter, August 2019Sent on 28 August 2019
AHYMSIN Newsletter, July 2019Sent on 31 July 2019
AHYMSIN Newsletter, June 2019Sent on 29 June 2019
Re: 2019 Spiritual FestivalSent on 08 June 2019
2019 Spiritual FestivalSent on 07 June 2019
AHYMSIN Newsletter, May 2019Sent on 30 May 2019
AHYMSIN Newsletter, April 2019Sent on 29 April 2019
AHYMSIN Newsletter, March 2019Sent on 30 March 2019
AHYMSIN Newsletter Feb 2019Sent on 26 February 2019
AHYMSIN Newsletter Jan 2019Sent on 31 January 2019
Ahymsin Newsletter December 2018Sent on 30 December 2018
Ahymsin Newsletter November 2018Sent on 30 November 2018
Ahymsin Newsletter October 2018Sent on 30 October 2018
AHYMSIN Newsletter, September 2018Sent on 29 September 2018
May Full Moon and NewsletterSent on 27 May 2018The AHYMSIN combined Full Moon and monthly newsletter for May 2018.
AHYMSIN Full Moon and Newsletter December 2017Sent on 01 January 2018E-Mail for December 2017 Newsletter and Full Moon Meditation
Ahymsin Full Moon & Newsletter OctoberSent on 02 November 2017Combination October Full Moon mailing and newsletter mailing
Ahymsin Newsletter Sept 2017Sent on 01 October 2017
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