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Two Donkeys

Once upon a time there were two donkeys. The first one going in front was carrying a load of salt on its back. Crossing the river it lolled about in the water for a long time and would not leave despite all tail-twisting, ear-twisting and even a whack or two from the owner.

The other donkey at the river bank saw the tail-end of the event. He shouted at the first one why he had insisted on lingering so long in the water despite the pain inflicted by the owner.

The first donkey replied, I was lightening my heavy load. The longer I stayed the more salt on my back melted. Now the reduced weight was worth the pain I had to take.

The second donkey followed the first one’s example and lingered in the water as long as he could because it would be worth the pain to lighten his heavy load. Upon reaching the other shore his load was so heavy he could barely drag himself out and brayed at the other one for giving such bad advice. His load had doubled in weight. He was carrying cotton.

This is how we increase our burdens.

[Note: This article was previously published in the October 2018 edition of the AHYMSIN Newsletter.]

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