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Swami Veda's Letter to the Hungarian Facebook Community

Words carry our sentiments, our relationships. When writing was first invented, the function of speech expanded and we could then communicate across the oceans. Now we have the internet, to cross the very oceans of distance in an instant. This is the closest we can come to the speed of the mind.

 Sentiments, emotions, words, scripts, internet have all been used for destructive as well as creative purposes. Here the Himalayan Yoga Centre of Hungary is venturing into the newest form of communication to enhance and communicate the loving creativity that yoga alone can confer. 

I hope and pray that in a land and language as ancient and spiritually rich as that of Magyar the newest venture in spiritual communication will achieve a unique success; this success will be in the form of opening new doors to inspiration and to intuitive wisdom.  

I also hope and pray that those who will partake of this offering will not forget the art of direct face-to-face communications. There is no substitute for such direct interpersonal communication and sharing.  

I ask all seekers of spirituality through yoga to  help to make this internet venture a success.  

I Pray for the blessings of the Guru lineage upon those who in the Humalayan Yoga Centre of Hungary make such tremendous sacrifices of time and energy to make the message of the Lineage known, now through this internet language of love and mutual caring.  

Blessings to all.   

Swami Veda Bharati

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