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OM! —
aprayante mamangani
vak prana shaksho shotra mato makam
indriyani te sarvami
sarvam Brahmo Upanishadam
ma ham Brahma nirakuriyam
ma ma Brahman nirakarot
anirakaramastu anirakaranamastu
yasman irate yo Upanishad su dharma
se mayu sanchute mayu Shantih OM!

The Energy That Heals: I am.
From within you also there arises a voice which is wordless but proclaims,
“I am. I who am the Energy.
I who am the Shakti of all universes, of all comoses, of all sentiences.
I am the Beloved Consort of the Lord.
I am That.”

This Energy is not apart from any other being. This Energy is not divided into parts, particles or moments. This Energy is not divisible in time and spaces. This Energy is not a measurable. I am That. A voice within you wordlessly, nonverbally, non-vocally calls and says, “Listen to That which I am.” This Energy cannot be understood by sentient beings. This Energy can only be grasped by Pure Sentience alone. This Energy cannot be understood by sentient beings. This Energy can only be grasped by Pure Sentience alone. This Energy cannot be understood by the application of intelligence. This Energy can only descend into the very intelligence which is a form, function, operation of this very Energy, like lightning which has expanded, expanded, expanded to cover, to fill, to fulfill, to permeate all spaces, bending down to kiss the forehead of a mountain – the Energy that is Sentience, the Energy that is Intelligence, the Energy which is the Force of the Ocean in which all forms and worlds are as so many islands.

This Energy, traveling through space, traveling through a non-dimensional space, traveling through the inner space of consciousness – vibrant in chid-akash in the inner space of consciousness, this very Energy makes a sound. It is the Light that makes the Sound traveling through space, the Sound that is not heard by the ears of any sentient beings, the Sound which is the very Sentience itself. This is the very Sound, the Vibration that is the very Sentience itself that is Eternal Knowledge, the Knowledge of all Revelation.

As this Sound travels through space, as this Sound travels through the innermost recesses of our inner space, this very Sound creates a Light, like lightning, and this lightning touches your very being and you become a person, you become alive. That very One that descended into you now begins to ascent through you. Only that One which has come down can go upward, so there appears to be, to have been created a dichotomy of an upward and a downward movement of Energy. As this Energy called the Sentience, the Pure Intelligence, touches the very spine of your being, as Its Lightning strikes the Central Mountain of the universe, called the human spine, then there arise, there appear many colors, many plexuses, many Petals, Lotuses and Flowers of many hues, many fragrances and many forms. They are formed within you. You become a complex combination. You become a complex Bouquet of arrangements of Flowers – Flowers of Energy, Flowers whose each Petal is an outward flow of Energy. The Flowers whose fragrances within you fill you, heal you, give you thoughts that are worthy of being thought.

When this Energy descends, it comes right down the spine to the very base, and from there It returns and begins Its journey upward as though a Pure White Light rises from within your perineum. All the gates of the senses are then closed, all the places in your personality from which you discharge and dissipate your energy are then closed, withdrawn, for the inward gates open as though an Energy called Pure White Light begins to rise.

All desires subside. Even a single moment of the subsiding of all desires, even a single moment of the subsiding of all cravings like this forthcoming moment – now . . . . A single moment of the subsiding all cravings and all desires is greater than the emperorship of a million worlds a million times over for the duration of a million times eternity, for all those eternities and all of those worlds and their energies are gathered together into this one single moment, free of conflicts that create the splitting, the splits that are then healed by the Energy, desireless, rising within you, creating an all-encompassing field so that all the warps of your prana, all the weak spots of your mind, all the weak portions of your vitality may be strengthened.

Wherever a hollow has appeared, may that hollow be filled by the Waters of Energy flowing and evening everything out. This Energy, as it ascends within you, rises, creating whirls, creating pools, creating Lotuses, creating Flowers and Lilies of many colors, many fragrances and many hues. As though a Red Flame appears in your Navel Center of Consciousness so that all that is of matter maybe spiritualized – all that is of the non-Self, imbibed into yourself through the power of digestion imparted by this Energy, may be imbued by that Life which you are, and you may be filled and you may be fulfilled and need no more food thereafter but that which is given to you spiritually.

The Energy that Heals rises and becomes a Pure White Flame. The Energy that Heals ascends and becomes a Pure White Flame in your Heart Center; and there all the wounds of emotions are healed, all the hurt sentiments – no longer pain, no longer a cause of suffering, for there appears only a single, sublime serene sentiment. A settling down occurs in your Heart, as in this forthcoming moment, now. All matters of the Heart settles, and only a sense of serenity, only a sublime Sentience remains – a Pure Silence filled with a White Flame of Light . . . .

You who are the very Energy ascend through this complex system. You come to the organs of communication as though a patch of the Clear Blue Sky appears where your throat had been. A patch of the Clear Blue Sky appears where your vocal cords had been. Slowly at this point the yogi experiences as though the presence of a Full Moon without any blemishes. And all whirls become filled with the true peacefulness of that moonlike luminosity and quietness, and thereafter you convey no more wounds, only the healing words.

Your Sentience, your Intelligence, the Power that the Energy that you are continues its pilgrimage, climbing the mountain upon mountain, climbing plateau upon plateau till it comes to that spot where in the Third Eye there is a flame of crystal-like purity between your brows. And here in this flame of crystal-like purity all of your past karma is dissolved. That Energy, which had become the colors of the universe, that Energy that passed through the diamonds of the mind, that Energy which has shown brilliant in ornaments of gold, that Energy whose formations and whirls have taken the form of oh, so many petals of your chakras, the centers of consciousness here dwells in absolute purity. It becomes that crystal. It becomes that flame of crystalline purity in which no more colors reflect. And here once again – the union of that Shakti which has taken a journey through the entire universe as light and sound and kundalini and had entered you, descending, and now has started out on Its upward ascent, in Its pilgrimage here again, again, and beyond this point, meets that consort, the Lord who again says, “I Am That I Am,” beyond space, beyond forms. Cherish that you are this Energy. Know that you are this Power. Realize that you are this Self – Atman the Self without blemish, without impurities, without bondage, without suffering. You are That. But then you cease your awareness of being That. Then you bind yourself – Alas! – to the world of mere form, and then you say, erroneously, “I am a body.” “I am male.” “I am female.” “I am short.” “I am tall.” “I am fair.” “I am dark.” “I am ill.” “I am well.” None of these! You who are the honey drops in the lily, you who are the honey drop in the rose. You who are the honey drop in the jasmine and in the marigold. In the honey comb of the Great Gatherer, You are not of the rose, not of the lily, not of the jasmine, not of the marigold.

You who have said, “I am of this river. I am of another river in the Great Ocean of Expansive Universal Energy. You are no longer of this river of the body, nor of the river of another incarnation, for You are one with that entire Ocean.

You are That whose sap flows at the bottom of the tree, in the middle of the tree, and in the top of the tree. And when the Life-force leaves the twigs, the twig withers, dries up and falls off, but the Life-force continues to be in the branches. The Energy continues to provide the sap. When the Energy is withdrawn from the branch, the branch withers, dries up, dies, falls off. But the Energy provides the sap to the rest of the Tree. Even though the tree may whither because the Energy has been withdrawn, the Energy continues in the universe. So the Sentience withdrawn from this mere world of evanescent forms, continues.

You Are That. Tat Tvam Asi, That Thou Art. All life to which your eyes are attracted, the lights that are in the eyes, You are that Energy. All the beautiful Sounds that musical instruments create and the very sound that is heard in the ears, and that with which the ears hear, also is that Energy. Know That. That Thou Art. You are That. You are that Self. You are that Pure Being.

When that Pure Being is known, there is no more fear. When that Pure Being is known, there is no more otherness. When that Pure Being is known, there is no other. When you and I are permeated by this Vast Expanse, we become as pearls in a chain of pearls. The thread that passes through the universe, that thread in which all the planets and all the worlds are as so many beads in a necklace around the Lord’s neck, so in the One also all our heads and all our skulls are as pearls, as beads through which that one Sutra, that one Thread of Life-force, that one Thread of Sentience, that one thread of Intelligence passes. When this is known, there is no more separation, there are no more lesions, there are no more wounds. Then you know you are that Energy which heals.

I wish that healing, the healing of the Ascendant Energy, I wish you that healing, the healing of the realized Sentience. I wish you the Healing of that Intelligence which is filled in a moment, in an instant, filled by all the eternities, a million times over, that Healing in which all desires, all cravings cease, and you are made absolutely still — absolutely still. I wish you that stillness through all your movements. God Bless You.

There is time for questions.

Question: How much would that Energy Heal? Would that Energy heal disease?

Answer: When that Energy is realized as your own being, there is no more dis-ease. The dis-ease occurs because in that body with which you have identified yourself erroneously, falsely. But the Energy where of I speak is the One that is not wounded when the body is wounded, that is not burned when the body is burned, which is not wetted when the body is wetted, which is not young when the body is young, which is not an infant when the body is an infant, that is not a male when the body is a male, which is not a female when the body is a female. Of what disease do you speak? Of what death do you have fear? Whose death? The decomposition of the chemical components of the body – you fear that? Have you found any compound in the universe which shall never decompose back into its components? The Energy whereof I speak is not a composite. It is not made of many? Why would it then dissolve into many? When the Energy is realized, it is not that the Energy is within you, rather you are the Energy dwelling in that which had erroneously identified yourself. This is the message of Yoga: Self-realization, knowing Atman, the Self which dwells in this composite of elements which I am not. I have nothing to do with my face, nor with the clothes I wear. I have nothing to do with the shape of my shoulders, nor with the tenseness that occurs in that shoulder, nor with the pains that occurs in that wrist. Those are matters for the walls of the room in which I dwell. The door creaks. I do not creak.

Question: Is that Energy tapped only through meditation?

Answer: Tapped by whom? I am the Energy. Who is tapping whom? Why the otherness? Why do you not know Yourself? By whom is it tapped? By the $60 worth of chemicals in the body? I am the Energy. When I know this, some call that meditation. The irony is that you think that you have to enter a meditation and you have to come out of it. But the yogi neither enters meditation nor comes out of it, for he walks in the knowledge of his being: “I am this configuration of Energy. I am a configuration of Luminosity that has descended and permeated this composite body.” The body dissolves. The body suffers. I do not dissolve. I do not suffer. That being the case, with whose illness would you identify?

You are so concerned with healing the physical wounds of the body that you forget That which remains the unwounded. And when you know yourself to be That which remains the unwounded, the wounds of the body take their own course. You may infuse them with your Energy. You may send forth a little of that spark of your Self and say, “Go there; there seems to be a weak spot someplace.” And you send it in there, but that ceases to be your primary concern. It becomes coincidental.

I see people becoming ill and on account of that illness suffering a great deal of depression as though saying, “I am ill.” And this is the part that is very puzzling to the yogi because the yogi who knows him-Self to be the configuration of this Luminosity knows your-Self also to be the configuration of the same very Luminosity, and that all these Luminosities woven together into a single necklace, with a single Thread of Sentience and Life-force. And this Luminosity looks at the Luminosity and says, “What part of you did you say was ill? I see no signs of illness.” You say, “Oh, that, that component of the physical elements.” “Oh, I did not know that you were suffering from that illness which causes the illness of the body to be the illness of the soul — for that indeed is a contradiction in terms: illness of the Soul.”

Question: What is sentience?

Answer: What does the word “sentience” mean? What makes a sentient being? I suppose you might look up the word in the Oxford English Dictionary. There are only two ways to understand this word: either consult the OED or go into meditation.

Question: The yogi has acquired this [Higher Consciousness] by many, many years of practice. But I who sit to meditate am so far from this Reality. Would it be right to say, “I cease to be an actor and I simply withdraw and observe?”

Answer: This is a very beautiful question. First the yogi says, “I acquire nothing.” And if you understand this, you will be in that Luminous Stillness instantly, for the Spirit acquires nothing that is not of the Spirit already. It is not an addition. Energy adds nothing, and nothing is added to It. It is a constant Luminosity. Its Luminosity is constant, never-changing. The yogi says, “I acquire nothing.” And when you reach that point where you say, “I have acquired,” actually the word, the concept of acquisition ceases, for then you know you have never lost that which you thought you were acquiring. Meditation is that realization in which you simply come in touch with that Being which acquires nothing – for It lost nothing, and you simply remove that veil which you erroneously identified yourself.

Question: Why do we not know this to begin with? Who is it that does not know?

Answer: The Knower within us knows – and even that, as I said, is a contradiction in terms. But that which we erroneously call ourselves, within that person there is one Knower, and the other is the ignorant. The ignorant will never know. The Knower will never cease to know. The body will never know. The Spirit will never cease to know. When you know this, you no longer confuse the Knower with the ignorant. Within you, within that person which you consider to be your personality there is a Knower, which is the Energy I speak of which always knows Itself. Therefore It infuses the light in the eyes and you see, or It withdraws from the eyes and you do not see. It moves to the heart and so the heart beats. It withdraws from the heart and the heart ceases to beat. The heart may be ill or the heart may be well, but I, the Luminous Being is neither ill nor well. Never did I cease to know all this. And this I is also that One which is also not within you, but is That which is you. Only the red veil thinks that the Light passing through it is red; the Light behind the veil does not think it is red. Clear the curtain, and you are in that Light which is not red. This is the ultimate in meditation, and that why is why the topic of my presentation on Sunday morning is “Samadhi the Final Healing.”

Question: Is that then the basic duality of life?

Answer: You see the problem here is that you continue to talk as though you were riding in two boats simultaneously. What happens to the poor rider who has to keep one foot in one boat and the other foot in the other boat – one foot in the boat of the body and the other foot in the boat of the soul? He is torn. So what duality appears to be is simply this: This Light, this Life, this Luminosity, this sentient, aware, living Energy — the word “sentience” comprises both life and awareness together — this “I” who am the very Sentience, the Energy, the Luminosity and has the will to move others that are non-sentient, chooses to move this non-sentient body by Its presence. I am the magnet that magnetizes the needle. Nay, I am the magnetic force that magnetizes the needle. I being thus, I of this nature, ever so, eternally so, never changing, the unaltered state of consciousness that I am, alters the state of other things by my power. I alter the state of this body, so the body moves. I alter the state of this body, so the body closes its eyes. This power that I have given to this body, delegated to this body, delegated to the brain which is also part of the body. And before delegating it to the brain, I have delegated it to another field of energy called the mind – not to be confused with the brain-function. When I have given of Myself thus freely, generously, to this body, I have given it the capacity to say, “I am.”

And if you are sitting in the other room in which a loudspeaker says, “I am,” and you had never understood the function of a loudspeaker and had known nothing about the microphones and amplifiers, you would probably go to that loudspeaker and say, “My, this is a curious creature! From where does it speak?” So this body, deriving its voice from Me, says, “I am.” If the loudspeaker breaks and the voice does not need you, but have I ceased to speak? You open the door and come into this room and see me speaking. When the loudspeaker broke, my mouth did not break. But sooner or later one finds out that when the body fails, the speaker ceases to speak, but the true Speaker continues. I am That.

Question: What is it that pulls us away from ourselves?

Answer: I would rather ask the questions: What in us pulls us back into ourselves? What in us has brought us here? What in us says sometimes, “Come, be still and listen to Me?” Know That! When you know That, you will know the power of that One as superseding the power of this one that appears to pull us away from that One, and then you no longer have to ask this question. So, “Be still and know that I am God.”

(The session concludes with a brief point-to-point relaxation, then watching the breath in the nostrils and counting 1 to 5 and 5 to 1.)

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