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Story about Kashayp Goshal

My dear Ashram family,

In the current big ocean of commotion and noise this ashram, by the participation of you all, is known as an island of peace and silence.

In order to continue to maintain it that way, do please contemplate and assimilate the following story from the Hindi newspaper ‘Amar Ujala’ (16th April 2015) translated here for you.

It is a story from long ago.

On the banks of the Ganga river near the holy city of Varanasi there lived a certain person in a colony. His name was Kashyap Goshal. People used to say that anger never visits him. Truly, no one had ever seen him getting angry.

In the same colony some people conspired: let us get him angry.
They organized a small group. Someone from that group offered to Kashyap’s servant: If you can get Kashyap angry you will receive a big prize from us.

The servant agreed to the offer. He knew that his employer did not like a crumpled bed. So, that night he did not make the bed. Next morning Kashyap only said to his servant: the bed was not well done last night.

The servant replied: Oh, sorry, I forgot. I will remember in future.

But next day and the next day and the 4th day also he did not make the bed.

Then Kashyap said to the servant:

“It seems like you have become bored with the task of making my bed. It doesn’t matter, I have now become used to sleeping on an unmade bed. No need to make the bed every night anymore.”

Hearing this the servant was stunned. He stood in front of his employer with joined hands, asking for forgiveness.

He also told the members of the conspiring group as to what had transpired. He also told them what Kashyap said to him:

“Whenever something unpleasant happens or is done by someone I begin to think what worse could have happened or could have been done in the case.”

Story written by Bhikshu Dharma-rakshita. (He was a leading Buddhist monk and leader in India in the last century).

I pray that you would see the episodes like the above as the true teaching of yoga and not be content with postures and philosophy notes. I pray that you thus continue to help maintain this island of peace.

Beloved child of the goddesses of affection, pacification, non-anger and forgiveness.

Swami Veda Bharati

18 April 2015

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