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Silence - Silence Quells Conflict

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Silence Quells Conflict

When you come upon a noisy person, sprinkle, pour a raincloud full of silence over him. Whenever you come upon conflict and noise, learn that the person who comes with noise and conflict in your presence is deeply disturbed; become a peacemaker.  That is become a silence maker. Have a vessel of silence ready so you can pour it over him with your glances, with your mudra, the body gesture, with your words that come from the depth of the ocean inside you that is always in full tide. It is from there that an enormous poetry, enormous positive sentiment of love rises and washes the world of all its dirt and uncleanliness. There is a story of a creative silence of the great poet Tagore whose Gitangali you may have heard quoted. If you have not read through, please be fortunate enough to do so. One day the poet was busy in his chamber writing, following the trend of his creative thought. Some jealous rival had hired an assassin and sent him with a naked dagger. The man walked into the poet's chamber. The poet, not wanting to interrupt his trend of thought as he was writing, looked up, pointed to a chair with his pencil for the man to sit down; and kept writing. The would be assassin sat there turning his dagger this way and turning his dagger that way and after awhile he got bored, got up and went away. This is my answer to the problem of problems of conflict.
Sprinkle silence out the windows of your eyes, of your active senses, out of your heart and through your words. The words come conveying that silence to other minds. Learn to transmit what you build up within yourself. It is not the silence of being shut up. It is not that silence with which you come home angry and you say, `I'tn not going to say anything to anybody.' That, my friend, is not silence because then you go to your room and you bang your door and your spouse asks, `what happened, Honey?' `Nothing happened. Did I say anything!' Well you've said enough. You've said enough for 10,000 years. That is not the silence we are speaking of. It is the other kind of silence that when someone has banged the door you stand there and immediately on that person's face comes a serenity, a silence. This is the silence of the prophets of the ages. It is the smiling silence of the Buddha. Practice it again and again. But you say you have no time. But, you have no time? There is time between the breath and the breath. For a fraction of a moment between the inhalation and the exhalation there comes a moment of silence. Just learn to experience that in the middle of your noisy day. May it lead you not to be a superman but to be a silent woman, a silent man, so that when a child is disturbed you place yourself into deep silence take the child and put the child to the left side of your bosom, where he can feel your heartbeat. The child can feel your depth of breath. Just wrap him around with a shawl, with a meditation shawl and sit there for two minutes. If it is not because of some great physical discomfort or illness or something that the child was crying, the child will pick tip your mood of silence and he will learn that communication which will come in handy for him for his entire life. Let silence be part of your education for your children.

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