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Power of One Conference Address

In the very humble opinion of this man from the 21st century B.C., because my tradition goes back to that and I only speak from there, I have nothing new to add.  I’m only an interpreter and a paraphraser.

The beginning point of all social change and the ending point of all social change is in oneself.

So integrating it all into oneself and daily giving oneself some time for contemplating these issues – not on how to bring change in the society, or how to bring change in the economics, or how to bring change in the social structures of education – but where to bring change in oneself.

To ask oneself: Where is my level of greed that I can reduce?  Where is my level of want that I can reduce?  At what level is my peace of mind, that is, absence of conflicts in my mind?  And perhaps I have fewer conflicts now than I had ten years ago, but what are those conflicts whose energy needs to be integrated and harmonized, and how do I go about doing it?

Spend time on oneself and then be a leader.  A good leader is he or she who leads without letting anyone feel that he or she is leading – just by mere presence.  A real peacemaker is one who by his or her mere presence generates peace in the surrounding minds.

When we have worked enough on ourselves in this way, spending some time in contemplation and meditation both, moments of that silence then bring peace and harmony around us, and the sense of unity around us will expand in concentric circles like a wave spreading out and becoming subtler and subtler and subtler – its energy spreading and in this way similarly forming ten thousand waves.

When two waves know that they are waves of the same ocean of consciousness, that is called love.  And love will happen as peace will happen.  We cannot make it happen.  We cannot do it.  We do nothing.  We must simply “BE” and keep making quantum leaps in our Being.

I have one request.  After this please do not applaud.  Just take ten seconds to go over what I have suggested, and ask yourselves whether there will be this quantum leap from now so that you will have more time for this kind of contemplation in your life when you go back.  Thank you.

Power of One Conference

September, 2009

Washington, D.C.

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