Articles by Swami Veda Bharati

In Memory of Maya

There are a fortunate few who leave the world with a vessel more full than the one with which they arrived.

The vessel of some gets so full that it spills its drops into the hearts and minds of all whom they touch.  Margo, Maya, is indeed one of those who spilled of her fullness and has carried a full vessel with her.  She leaves behind her, hearts and minds feeling fulfilled with the teachings she imparted by her personal presence and by her words and acts.

As the spiritual journeys go, on the one hand, it may have been several incarnations long but in this body I saw her moving steadily for more than three decades towards her goal of a more and more sattvic and purified being.  We should celebrate that she succeeded and along with that passed on generously a part of her success to so many in different parts of the world from North America to India, Korea, Hungary, Italy and many other countries in different Continents.

Birds leave no feather prints in the sky.  Fish leave no fin prints in the sea, but great purified ones leave their footprints in the form of imprints, samskaras, in the hearts and personalities of those who choose to listen to them.

A flower may wilt into dust, yes, dust to dust, but the honey bees have preserved its honey, the perfumer has saved its fragrance and in this subtler from the flower lives on.  So with the honey and fragrance of Margo’s teachings and imprints live on in the honeycombs of many souls and the vials of many hearts which she filled with her fragrance.

Grief is natural but a more fitting tribute to Margo is preserving the honey and fragrance.

As one Italian friend has written; the Master has carried her aloft.  She becomes one with the universe.  May her presence linger fresh and strong in the lives of those whom she loved and touched so selflessly. I invoke our Gurudeva to keep her in His bosom as long as their laws require it to be so but, then, we know that she will be back to grant teachings evermore.

Yours in Memoriam,
In Service of Gurudeva and his Disciples,
Swami Veda Bharati