Love, Serve, Remember

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How the Guru taught

[This from a hard copy made and distributed in 2008.]

I was an old papyrus, a birch bark, a palm leaf
Half crumpled, unwritten upon.
He picked me up, smoothed and polished me,
Wrote on me
A mere dot.

From the dot I emerged
A full person,
The dot undeleted
Shown yet brighter.

I now spend life times
Reading the dot
Written upon me

And I go searching for other half-crumpled
Unwritten upon
Papyri, birch-barks, palm leaves
To write the dot on
So that other full persons may emerge
To read the dots,
And to write them on again.

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" Only after rising above egocentric awareness, can one find the universe within. Only then can one learn to love all and exclude none. One who does not love one’s fellow beings, cannot love God at all. "

Swami Rama

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