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How the Guru taught

[This from a hard copy made and distributed in 2008.]

I was an old papyrus, a birch bark, a palm leaf
Half crumpled, unwritten upon.
He picked me up, smoothed and polished me,
Wrote on me
A mere dot.

From the dot I emerged
A full person,
The dot undeleted
Shown yet brighter.

I now spend life times
Reading the dot
Written upon me

And I go searching for other half-crumpled
Unwritten upon
Papyri, birch-barks, palm leaves
To write the dot on
So that other full persons may emerge
To read the dots,
And to write them on again.

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" Any movement one makes is called action or karma. One had done, one has been doing, one is doing, one will do; all the actions done in the past, present, and future are called karmas. No one disputes the law of karma: 'As you sow, so shall you reap'. "

Swami Rama

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