Articles by Swami Veda Bharati

Hairtip Mandala

[This from a hard copy made and distributed in 2008.]

I saw
The sun and the moon
Slide down through the sky
And dive into a bindu.
Bindu was a tip of Brahma's hair,
the centre of a mandala drawn there.

Yes, I saw with mine own eyes
How the sun and the moon merged
Into this, Mother's Lion's lair.
Lights rippled layer upon layer,
Slide down through inside the Brahma's hair. 

The sun and the moon
     merged into one
at first sight.
That is how they made their
     - at this other end
     parted into two -
     a man and a woman
     as they each other woo.
Then from their union
     Emerged one galaxy, and many more,
And, that is how the cosmos
     got recreated that we see
     below and above, and aft and fore,
     from the other side, stretched to this shore.
All of it is true
     Forever after,
     Forever before,
          Only in my heart's core.

May you become a curved petal
In the mandala that is drawn
On the tip of Brahma's one hair.