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Diwali Message 2011

“pradeepa-jvaalaabhir divasa-kara-neeraajana-vidhih” 1

suvar-jyotih-sphaara-prasava-kara-samraaji puruShe

na rochetaiShaa kintv apara-puruShe’rchaa su-kalitaa

iyam svaatmany aavir vilasati mano-deepa-saraNih

“Offering aartee to the splendorous day-making sun with tiny deepaks” 1---

Is certainly not befitting towards the puruSha who is the Emperor giving birth to expansive lights of the heavens;

However, towards the lower puruSha (jiva), who frolics in our own very self, this worship offering is beautifully rendered

- this array of the deepaks of the minds.


1 Shankaracharya in Saundarya-lahari (Wave of Beauty Hymn).

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