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Decibel Level at SRSG

Writing on 1st January 2011 when the New Year is 20 minutes old.

Earlier this week a friend, Chetan Upadhyaya, visited our Ashram (SRSG) for the first time. He has many successful missions. One of his missions is to reduce the public noise level in India after 10 p.m. He has started with the holy city of Varanasi that he hails from.

He carries a decibel-metre with him.

He said that he  has checked the decibel levels of hundreds of places in India. That our Ashram has the lowest decibel level he has ever recorded was a pleasant surprise; it is at 30.5.

You feel it when you walk into the Ashram.

I wish you for 2011 a lowered decibel level in the Ashram called your MIND and all its emotion-residents.


Swami Veda Bharati

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