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Day of Forgiveness

On this 'kshamaapana'-day, the annual day of asking for forgiveness according to Jaina religion,

today I ask the forgiveness of all and any whom I may have intentionally or inadvertently caused any hurt, pain or offense.

The mantra is in the ancient Parkrit language ( sister of Sanskrit)

khAmemi savve jIvA savve jIvA khamantu me.
mittI me savvabhUesu veraM majjhaM Na keNa i

I forgive all living beings, may all of them forgive me,
I have friendship with all, enmity with none.

evamahaM AloiyaM nindiyaM grahiyaM duguNchiyaM sammam
tiviheNaM padikkanto vandAmi jiNaM chauvvIsam ..


Thus, I truly reflect, reproach, censure and abhor (my wrong doings)
I atone threefold (for my acts of mind, speech and body) and pay obeisance to the 24 Jinas (Founding Masters of Jaina Tradition).


Again seeking your forgiveness,

Swami Veda Bharati

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