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Body, Mind and Breath of the Ahymsin-self

[This is a transcription of an excerpt from “Discussion on Bodhisattva,” Rishikesh, India, February, 2007.]

Question from a student:

I experience myself as an individual self, but what would be the body, the mind and the breath of the Ahymsin-self?

Answer from Swami Veda:

Very good. I love that question. The body of an organization or a family or a nation is its structure; the mind is the degree of awareness of its mission; and the breath is the life you put into it. Then you can elaborate on that theme. The structure is the body. The awareness of its mission is the mind – and the mind of a thumb is not different from the mind of a nose in your body. A thumb doesn’t say, “Hey, I have a mind of my own. I’m not going to help you.” In the organization, in the family, that [unity of vision and purpose] happens. [There is] that mind – and then [there is] what you do with it out of compassion. The word “love” ceases, stops. If there is only one, who will love whom?

Long ago I gave a lecture back in the early seventies in Minneapolis I still recall. I don’t know if it’s available, Saints Do Not Pray. To whom will they pray? And I would add to that a sentence. A true lover is he who does not love – because there is no other left to love. Let’s remember that. Saints do not pray and lovers do not love, and that’s the ideal. Only in the world of duality is there separations; there is one and there is another to love. When there is only one mind . . . . The word love exists where there is a sense of separation. I love someone. Does my hand love my mouth, and does my mouth love my stomach? So the hand kindly puts food into the mouth, and mouth doesn’t say, “Hey, I have a mind of my own. I’m just going to keep the food in the mouth. Why should I give it to that stomach?” Because you have one body, one mind from head to toe – and when the organization, nation, group, family, become like that, there is no other to love and no one to fear. Then there is no one to fear. Okay. Alright. 

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