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Blessing on TTP Certification Day, November 2013

OM. Be still.

Whenever you are sitting or standing and doing nothing, practice stillness.

Do not waste time. Life is short. Use it well.

Now, be still.

Count your breaths for three minutes.

Always begin everything by remembering the Guru.

I will not spend much time with you tonight.

The handout you have tonight is excerpts from my commentary on the Yoga Sutras, Sutra 1.7. Especially the subject of PROOF: Agama as proof; that is a true teacher’s qualification and authority.

Do read. You can also have printouts of these notes so right now you need not take notes.

It will be a deep study and contemplation for you. So take your time to study these pages and apply.

It gives three qualifications of an authentic teacher.

Realization. (Not memorization!!). Have you done enough sadhana that the knowledge has become real to you by your personal spiritual experience.
This computer has been worked on by some very ungentle hands who have not practiced ahimsa. I am having to hit keys extra hard. You are making me into a violent man.

No joke!

I test people’s spiritual progress by watching how they type on the computer. Spirituality is to be tested at each ground.

1. Realization, like that of a Rishi; intuitive knowledge realized in the state of deep meditations.

When intuitive knowledge comes, both hemispheres of the brain become balanced. So also in kevala kumbhaka.

Realization = Sanskrit Saakshaat-kaara.

2. kaaruNya = compassion. The reason for your wanting to be a teacher is that you have compassion towards suffering people. There is no other reason. Love and compassion. When a person comes to your presence or to your class, he/she should go away feeling s/he was loved. That is the test of your success as a teacher. Otherwise you may have a 1000 students, but in the eyes of the rishis you are a failure as a teacher. People should practice because they love you.

3. Strength; capacity. Strength of character. Strength in your practice. Strength of intelligence and mind-buddhi.

If you have these, even if you do not have a certificate, you are a successful teacher.

Nobody has given me a certificate!!

That is all the message for today.

Congratulations on completing the course. But it will be complete when you have

(1) Spiritual/intuitive realizations (the teaching becomes real to you)

(2) Compassion and love

(3) Strength of meditation and character.

Do stay in touch. Do your practices, sadhana. Come often for the practice of silence.

I love you all.

I really feel a loss that I do not get to know you personally, but I send you love in full moon meditations.

God and Guru bless you all.

Editor’s Note:

The handout of excerpts from Swami Veda’s commentary on the Yoga Sutras can be read at https://www.ahymsin.org/docs2/News/1312Dec/04.htmlhttps://www.ahymsin.org/docs2/News/1312Dec/04.html ..
For more information about Full Moon Meditation, please see https://ahymsin.org/main/practice/full-moon-meditation.html

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