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An Atmosphere Conducive to Spiritual Growth

May I make the following suggestions to help make the atmosphere more conducive to spiritual growth:

  • Do not rely on gossip as information.
  • Do not let one person’s anger infect another. 
  • Keep the others’ difficulties in view before judging their behaviors
  • Do not belittle others’ spiritual achievements.
  • Give the fullest possible for services rendered by others.
  • Adhere to communication channels and systems. If you must ignore them, explain the reason/urgency gently and humbly.
  • Practice tolerance and patience; do not let your “anti’-kind of feelings overwhelm your neutrality.
  • Do not draw conclusions without sufficient information and without verification.
  • Admit your own mistakes freely; explain away the mistakes of others.
  • Do not speak in confrontational tones.
  • Learn to say the unpleasant pleasantly.
  • Practice the four brahma-viharas (maitri, karuna, mudita and upeksha).
  • Everyone is beautifully kind to the Swami but not to each other. When you are not kind to each other, I feel that to be unkindness to me. I am happier if you beat me but love each other.  Love me? Love every member of my family. Please, please, everyone, EVERYONE, in all individualistic non-communications as well, stop judging others. In spiritual relationships one needs always first to take the side of the opposite party by stating to oneself what could be the reason for a certain mode of action or communication on the part of another.

Constantly examine yourself to see how far your own internal being conforms to the marks of spiritual progress. (Marks of Spiritual Progress: https://www.ahymsin.org/main/index.php/Swami-Veda-Bharati/marks-of-spiritual-progress.html)

Are WE failing in the above principles?

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